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Mileage Run mit Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines Mileage Run 2018 - Four missing segments to Gold status

Some may tell me mad to spend an afternoon during the annual leave in Greece with four flights. Clearly, for the majority, there is no sense in it, for 25 minutes to fly to the island of Chios. I do need these Mileage Run with Aegean Airlines to extend my frequent flyer status Star Alliance Gold for another year.


Mileage Run Aegean - defense of the Miles & Bonus Gold status about segments

If you are holding a frequent flyer status, you want to defend them every year. For almost five years, I have Star Alliance Gold Status with the Greek airline Aegean Airlines. Since we have taken due to the birth of our son in January of this year air travel was for the extension of the Status of a Mileage Run is necessary.

Seating area at the large window front

Aegean Business Lounge at the airport of Thessaloniki

The Aegean Business Lounge is located after security control, at the end of the departure gates of the airport of Thessaloniki. One of the biggest advantages of the Boarding directly from the Lounge for each flight within the Schengen area. Extremely successfully, I find the Design. So, the interior designer in the selection of furniture from one film set to inspire.

Breakfast (fruit plate, omelet with spinach, herbs and cheese and grilled tomato

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 business class, Athens to Berlin

Bei unserem, für dieses Wochenende, zweiten Aufenthalt in Athen testeten wir die Lufthansa Business Lounge. Diese befindet sich direkt neben der Aegean Lounge. Das Speisen- und Getränkeangebot entspricht dem Lufthansa Standard. Nach einem kleinen Frühstück mit Café Crema, griechischen Joghurt mit Honig und einem Maracuja Mango Saft mussten wir auch...

Aegean Business airport check-in in Larnaca

Aegean Airlines Airbus A321-200 business class, Larnaca to Athens

Shortly after 3:00 rang the alarm clock already and we got ready. Twenty-five minutes later, I sank taxis on the black leather back seat of a 20 years old Mercedes. This time even with a taximeter. The driver was flying to the airport. We paid, despite alleged night surcharge, only 12 EUR. This is...

Aegean Airlines A320-200 (registration SX-DVJ)

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 business class, Thessaloniki to Larnaca

After our arrival at Thessaloniki we got ourselves on Aegean Airlines Business Class even fix our tickets to Larnaca. Through the security check we were fast and were thus able to Aegean Business Lounge. Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki The lounge was beautifully decorated again. Several white leather sofas, sitting areas and ...

Look into the cockpit

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 economy class, Rhodes to Thessaloniki

The airport of Rhodes is come, perhaps it was because it was already dark and was raining quite down. There was neither a Aegean Airlines or another Star Alliance partner operated Lounge. But we had hardly stay, because at 19:50, our flight went to Thessaloniki. The Boarding,...

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 - Boarding in Athen

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 economy class, Athens to Rhodes

Aegean Business Lounge Athens After our arrival in Athens, we were on the Aegean Business Lounge. This was indeed a reasonable size, but since Friday was afternoon and very crowded. Fortunately, we found a place on one of the black leather sofas. It was a pity that the service staff is not really behind came the tables ...

Rindfleisch mit Artischocken an einer Fenchel Soße mit traditioneller Pasta "Striftoudi" aus Kreta

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 business class, Berlin to Athens

Over time, five minutes before the appointed time at 08:30, we were picked up at the Kurfürstendamm with the MyDriver sedan, a BMW 5 Series. After our luggage was stowed by the driver in the trunk, we took place on the comfortable leather seats in the interior. The ride was very pleasant and without daring maneuvers, how to ...