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We are often asked which camera we use to take photos, which suitcase or backpack we have or where we always find the cheapest flights and hotels. You can find the answers on this page. Please check back often as we update this list regularly. We hope we can provide you with the best information. Enjoy browsing!

What is the best travel suitcase?

Choosing the perfect suitcase for frequent or infrequent flyers is not that easy. When it comes to our luggage, we paid attention to the following:

  • The basic weight should be as low as possible so that you can pack more things that are important to you on your trip.
  • The suitcase should be quite sturdy so that it can withstand the rigors of traveling.
  • A sturdy telescopic handle for significantly improved handling.
  • Four larger wheels that rotate in all directions make your life easier.
  • A permanently installed one TSA-Schlossso that your things arrive safely at their destination.
Lufthansa Check In Schalter
Lufthansa check-in counter

Hard shell or soft luggage?

Hard or soft luggage? If you like something a little more flexible, you can swear by travel cases made from so-called soft case materials such as polyester or nylon. In the often sewn-on pockets with zippers you can store documents or anything else that needs to be quickly accessible. However, such a soft luggage suitcase is often pressed by other luggage and is prone to tearing. We therefore absolutely recommend hard-shell travel suitcases and trolleys made of particularly light and durable polycarbonate. We chose hard-shell suitcases from the German manufacturer Titan because of the best price-performance ratio.

Our suitcases

TITAN Backstage Shark Skin Platinum (size L, capacity 95l)

Of the TITAN Backstage Shark Skin Platin was our first suitcase and has been with us since 2011. This trolley has everything that makes first-class luggage: a robust shell made of polycarbonate, a luxurious interior and a striking silver-colored surface that really attracts attention and is not easily confused on the luggage carousel can be.

We use the suitcase for trips of 10 – 14 days (depending on the season). The 4 ball-bearing 360° smooth-running wheels make a particularly good impression even after a few kilometers on a wide variety of surfaces. What's practical is that you can pack the suitcase from both sides and they are separated from each other by the integrated dividers with zippers. In addition, the contents of the suitcase are held in place by continuously adjustable packing straps. So not everything falls in front of you when you open the suitcase. For us, a TSA lock is mandatory when traveling to the USA. At the TITAN Backstage This is integrated and firmly connected to the case.

Shopping opportunity: Amazon or suitcase-direct

TITAN Backstage Shark Skin Black (size M, capacity 60l)

To match our first travel suitcase, we got the smaller brother in 2015 TITAN Backstage Shark Skin Schwarz purchased in size M. Except for the smaller capacity of 60 l (dimensions 40 x 64 x 26 cm), it has exactly the same properties as our larger one, which makes it a perfect second piece of luggage.

We like to use the suitcase for short trips or as a second piece of luggage for stays longer than two weeks. After a few flights, we find that the surface of the TITAN Backstage Shark Skin Schwarz is much less sensitive than that of silver. On the platinum-colored outer skin of the TITAN Backstage Shark Skin Platin The black streaks on the luggage carousels are more noticeable.

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What is the best camera equipment for traveling?

Mantona Rhodolit Fotorucksack

For a long time we traveled around the world with a camera bag. But if you're out and about all day, your shoulder will hurt a lot in the evening. So we were looking for a comfortable and sufficiently large camera backpack that also had space for our tripod. Our choice is based on the Mantona Rhodolite (Link to Amazon).

Mantona Rhodolit Fotorucksack
Mantona Rhodolit Fotorucksack

Of the Mantona Rhodolit Fotorucksack is made of nylon and is extremely stable and light at the same time. It offers plenty of space for our camera equipment. You can determine the sizes of the individual compartments yourself using the freely adjustable Velcro dividers. Access to the camera is possible through the large compartments on both sides of the backpack, secured with a buckle and zipper. Thanks to the innovative carrying system, the backpack can be converted into a single-strap system. This means you can easily swing the backpack forward if necessary and pull out your camera to the left or right.

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