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previous Highlights of our travels - miles-around

previous Highlights of our travels – miles-around

miles-around.de Germany's Blog for trip reports – Trip Reports – Hotel Reviewswas founded in January 2015 by the two lovers , Christian and Christian. The focus of the blog is to take a variety of travel experiences for discerning couples or families, Trip reports from the world of aviation, reviews of the exciting and luxurious Hotel conceptsromantic city trips and tips for culinary Highlights.

We want our readers to travel and excursions take place, in spite of full-time work possible. In doing so, we try a wide range of destinations from all over the world to map and provide suggestions for unforgettable trips. On Miles-around.de we do not want to restrict ourselves only to texts, but our travel reports are also visually be experienced with appealing photos and Videos.

Who actually writes on miles-around.de?



Hi, I'm a Christian and am originally from the enchanting Merseburg. During my studies in Erfurt I met my current husband, Christian. With our small family we now live in the beautiful hall/Dölau. Through my profession as an architect I am always interested in places with a fascinating history and great architecture. Already during my studies, I was often on the road, but the great passion for travelling is only spills from my husband to me over. My Motto: “the journey is The destination!” Therefore, I was removed from the flight fever. A relaxing holiday starts already at the airport ... in the Lounge. :-) (here you can find Christiana's Contributions)



My Name is Christian and I am born in the green heart of Germany, and I studied in the Thuringian town of Ilmenau computer engineering. Since 2012, I live with my wife, Christin, in Halle (Saale) and work in Leipzig as a product Manager. On travels, I love to fly, Discovering good food and Drink and Stay in great Hotels. I'm enthusiastic and always looking for the next adventure. About my experiences from the road I reports since 2007. (here you can find Christian's Contributions)

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