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Kirschblüte in Chicago 0

Chicago experience with the Chicago City Pass (day 1)

In May, it was the first time for the three of us, for our son to the United States. We started our little tour in Chicago. Two days we had planned for this and to visit with the Chicago CityPass enough attractions. What can you experience it all and we can recommend it, learn it this post.

Beach on the Gulf of Oman 0

United Arab Emirates with toddler

Phew, the weather in November is always bad. Why, not even fly into the sun when it is wet and cold in Germany? In the UAE it is always sunny and warm, so this destination was our first long-haul destination with our young son. But is a Muslim country the right choice and how the child can withstand the heat? Different culture, different food, different people ... like relaxing and fond of children the UAE are, you experience the following article.

Seattle at night - view from Kerry Park 0

Seattle experience with the Seattle CityPass

What can you look in Seattle? Thanks to the Seattle City Pass, you can visit five of the most beautiful attractions in Seattle and saves on top of that upon entering. You will receive a small booklet in which the tickets for the attractions are the purchase of the pass. So locally you have to do more, be presented as your ticket booklet nothing. Your spared you so long waiting times when buying tickets. Which five attractions in Seattle CityPass are included, we present you here.

Piece Deep-dish pizza 0

Chicago – Food & Drinking: Deep-dish pizza and hot dog

With over two million inhabitants, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. Famous is the metropolis on Lake Michigan but not only for its stunning architecture, but also for its culinary delights. Deep-dish pizza at Giordano's The culinary flagship is the Chicago deep-dish pizza. If you ask a local where it is the best deep-dish pizza...

uberX - the low cost option for individual mobility (photo by Uber) 2

How does the car service Uber?

Since its founding in 2009 in San Francisco Uber has now conquered the world 70 other cities and people there opens up new possibilities to move forward better and faster. They carry themselves no passenger transport by, but merely provide between drivers and passengers. Uber offers depending on financial possibilities (basic price, cost per minute and...

Burger bei Carl's Jr. bzw. Hardee's 0

What is the best fast food in the US?

We love to cook and I think really good. We attach importance to selected ingredients, especially the meat. But when we are in the US, it simply must go to the “unhealthy” Be fast food! Being unhealthy is such a thing. The burger chains that we visit, for example,...

Blick vom Castle Nice - Nizza 0

The diversity of France

France is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Worldwide, France is famous mainly for Paris. The capital, one of the largest cities in Europe, is thus become the world's one of the most visited cities. Annually one million of visitors who admire the diversity of the city of love. The image of...

our car in front of the Chicago Skyline 0

Silvercar – always an Audi A4 as a rental car in the US

Have you been naughty you ever thought about the resulting car hire on your travels? On the web site of a glossy photos of various cars in the premium segment are presented and at the end you get any Hyundai or similar allocated. Who has no desire for lottery on car hire, which we can...

stand with the DKB credit card free cash abroad 0

Free credit card – withdraw cash worldwide without fees

How do you do that with cash while traveling? Which is the best method of payment (credit card) when traveling? Should I change money at home or in the field? We are often asked by friends and relatives, what advice we can give for money when traveling. How do I get the easiest of foreign currency –...

Vietnam Military Museum 0

Travel to Viet Nam from 01 July 2015 without a visa

As the English-language news site reported VietNam, Vietnam will facilitate the entry or visa requirements for five other European countries. The government intends to continue so the important tourism market. Countries whose inhabitants (probably) need from 01 July 2015 no visa, are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. here...