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uberX - the low cost Option for individual mobility (photo by Uber)

How does the car service Uber?

Seit der Gründung 2009 in San Francisco hat Uber mittlerweile weltweit 70 weitere Städte erobert und Menschen dort neue Möglichkeiten eröffnet, um besser und schneller voranzukommen. Dabei führen sie selbst keine Personenbeförderung durch, sondern vermitteln lediglich zwischen Fahrern und Fahrgästen.

Burger bei Carl's Jr. bzw. Hardee's

What is the best Fast Food in the USA?

We cook very much and I think is also really good. We place great value on selected ingredients, especially the meat. But if we are in the USA, it must be easy to change the “unhealthy” Fast Food! With unhealthy is such a thing. The Burger chains that we visit, for example,...

View from the Château de nice - nice

The diversity of France

France is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Also the world is France, especially Paris is famous for. The capital, as one of the largest cities in Europe, has thus become one of the most visited cities in the world. It counts millions of visitors annually who admire the diversity of the city of love. The Image of...

our car in front of the Chicago Skyline

Silvercar - always an Audi A4 as a car hire in the USA

Habt ihr euch auch schon einmal über den erhaltenen Mietwagen auf euren Reisen geärgert? Auf der Webseite des Anbieters werden einem Hochglanz Fotos verschiedener Wagen des Premiumsegments präsentiert und am Ende bekommt man irgendeinen Hyundai oder ähnlich zugeteilt. Wer keine Lust mehr auf Lotterie am Mietwagenschalter hat, dem können wir...

stand with the DKB credit card free cash abroad

Free credit card - stand out worldwide without cash fees

How do you do that with cash on travel? Which is the best means of payment (credit card) to travel? Should I change money at home or on-the-spot? Again and again we are asked by friends and Relatives, what tips we have for money on trips can give. How do I get the easiest way to exchange...

Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of the Redeemer) - Amalienborg Palace

City trip: Our best tips for Copenhagen

1167 by Archbishop Absalon founded Copenhagen with “only” about 580000 inhabitants, is actually quite a small capital city compared with other cities in Europe. But that's exactly what makes its charm! It gives one a very homely feeling, even if it is the first Time since. Directly by the Øresund Strait, and the...

Vietnam Military Museum

Travel to Viet Nam from 01 July 2015 without a visa

As the English-language news site in VietNam reported that Vietnam simplify the entry and visa regulations for a further five European countries. The government wants to promote the important tourism market further. The countries, whose inhabitants as of 01. July, 2015 (expected) no longer require a visa, are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Here...

Lower Manhattan (East Side)

New York Pass – cheap sightseeing in New York City

In a few days, our Trip starts in New York City. In New York there is always much to do. The Sightseeing is not always cheap, and the rush to the top attractions is great. We decided to purchase the New York pass: 1 Pass for entry to over 80 attractions!...