How does the Uber service work?

uberX - die preiswerte Option für individuelle Mobilität (photo by Uber)

Since it was founded in San Francisco in 2009, Uber has now conquered 70 other cities worldwide and opened up new opportunities for people there to get better and faster. They do not transport passengers themselves, but only act as an intermediary between drivers and passengers.

Depending on the financial possibilities (basic price, costs per minute and kilometer or mile), Uber offers its own vehicle group. The cheapest option with so-called “everyday cars” is uberX. More expensive but also a bit more exclusive are uberBLACK, uberSUV or uberSELECT.

uberX - die preiswerte Option für individuelle Mobilität (photo by Uber)
uberX – the inexpensive option for individual mobility (photo by Uber)

Our experience with Uber

We first tried Uber in 2015 during our stay in Chicago. Using the smartphone app, you specify your pick-up point with a pin or your current location. Then you specify the desired destination. This is very easy to do with a search similar to Google Maps. You don't have to enter an exact address. Before we booked the trip, we were shown the approximate fare.

Our request is now offered to all drivers in the immediate vicinity. After just a few seconds, we had feedback on the iPhone when we would be picked up. In addition, you can see a picture of the driver and his car with license plate number in the overview. This should also be checked before entering the vehicle. Just a few minutes after our booking, Takima arrived at the pick-up point parking lot with her Toyota Rav4. Thanks to our entry in the app, our destination was already clear and we didn't have to explain anything further. A very good option for travelers who are not so proficient in the English language.

Our first ride was safe and quick. The traffic rules were all observed and after nine minutes we were at our destination. We said goodbye to Takima and gave another rating (1 to 5 stars) via the app. That was it! The fare will be debited from the stored credit card. Tips are usually not paid. We paid $7.20 for the nine minute ride.

Unsere erste Fahrt
Our first ride

The fare paid consists of a base fare (USD 1.70), a fee for the miles driven (USD 0.90 per mile) and the travel time (USD 0.20 per minute). There is also a final driver security fee of $1.20.

We think Uber is a good solution to be mobile quickly, easily and inexpensively. A clear recommendation!

Get an Uber free ride!

Would you like to try it yourself? Then simply register via the Link and get a 5 EUR discount for your first three rides.

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  1. Jörg

    Hi, good article and nice explanation. I always thought Uber was banned in Germany?! I had also registered once but never used it, will now take a look more often.

    1. Christian

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, Uber is only available as a booking option for taxis in Germany.

  2. Tanja L.

    We are currently on a trip across the US and have used Uber (and Lyft) in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Chicago and are super happy with the value for money. We are very grateful that this opportunity exists.

    1. Christian

      Hallo Tanja! Thanks for your comment! I wish you a lot of fun on your vacation in the USA and I am glad that I could help you with my tips about Uber.

  3. Anne

    I've just read your report, will test it in September. Thanks for the information.

  4. Nell

    Thanks for the tips about Uber. I haven't used it yet, but I'll try it out.
    Warm greetings from Hanover

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