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mit der DKB-Kreditkarte kostenlos Bargeld im Ausland abheben

How do you deal with cash when traveling? What is the best means of payment (credit card) when travelling? Should I exchange money at home or locally? We are always asked by friends and relatives what tips we can give for money when traveling. What's the easiest way to get foreign exchange - preferably without fees? If you want to know that too, then you've come to the right place!

What is the best credit card for withdrawing money while traveling?

For us, the best credit card is the VISA card from Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB). We have been using them since 2010 and have only had good experiences. At first I only enjoyed the advantage of being able to withdraw cash from any ATM in Germany without any fees. Now that we travel a lot, we are grateful to be able to use this advantage abroad as well. Gone are the days when you had to buy a large amount of foreign currency from the local bank or travel bank in advance.

mit der DKB-Kreditkarte kostenlos Bargeld im Ausland abheben
Withdraw cash abroad free of charge with the DKB credit card

What are the advantages of the VISA DKB credit card?

The account and the VISA credit card are completely free. There really are no hidden fees. With the DKB credit card, you can withdraw national currency from any ATM anywhere in the world. We have already successfully tested this in many countries in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.) but also on trips to the USA. With the DKB credit card, you are in the comfortable position of always only withdrawing small amounts of cash and carrying them with you. We just feel a lot more comfortable and safer with it.

What we also find very interesting is the cashback program (DKB Club) from DKB. Here you get smaller discounts both online and on site. For example, on our last visit to Potsdam we ate in an Asian restaurant and thanks to the DKB we got a 10% refund on the entire bill.

In the following figure I have summarized all the important advantages for you.

Danger! In some countries, such as the USA, banks still charge fees for withdrawing money from ATMs. This is a processing fee charged by the ATM operator. But here, too, the DKB is very accommodating and reimburses them immediately. All we had to do was email a brief summary of all the fees incurred to the DKB. Update 31.03.2016: From June 1st, the DKB will no longer reimburse third-party fees charged by ATM operators.

NEW: Pay worldwide free of charge with a credit card without foreign transaction fees

weltweit kostenlos mit Kreditkarte ohne Auslandseinsatzentgelt bezahlenFrom December 1st, all new and existing customers can use the Pay DKB-VISA-Card worldwide free of charge be able. The DKB will pay the international transaction fee for its customers. This new feature will be available for testing for a year. After that it will only be available to active customers with a monthly deposit of 700 EUR. Withdrawing cash from ATMs worldwide free of charge will remain in place. Update 28.09.2016: If you are not actively using the account, withdrawing cash and using it abroad is only free of charge in the euro area. Outside, an additional 1.75% is charged again.

We hope we were able to show you an easy and cheap way to get cash abroad. If you are convinced, then simply go to the following link: Open a DKB account now!


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