Aegean Airlines Economy Class in the Airbus A320 to Athen

Aegean Airlines Economy Class in der Airbus A320

Aegean Airlines is still one of my favourite airlines for travelling within Europe. The crew members are always friendly and welcoming and pride themselves on providing genuine Greek hospitality. To renew my frequent flyer status, I have to take four flights with the airline every year. I normally use my Business Class upgrade vouchers for these flights. However, as we were travelling to Cyprus as a family today, we took our seats in Aegean Airlines Economy Class and were curious to see if the service behind the curtain was just as good. Economy class place and were curious if the service behind the curtain is just as good.

After we had parked our car in one of the airport parking lots, we went into the rather imposing terminal building of the Berlin airport with its high pillars. We were there about 2 hours before departure and the check-in counter was still not open. Luckily, since I had already checked in online, all I had to do was check in our bag and we were able to go through security.

Our Aegean Airlines Economy Class flight to Athens departed from Gate A31. Since the Lufthansa Lounge is unfortunately in the completely opposite direction and the distances at Berlin Airport are very long, we unfortunately couldn't visit the lounge today. Thanks to the Priority Pass, which we have through American Express Platinum, we were able to fill our stomachs free of charge in the Mövenpick Café at Gate A20.

Boarding started with some delay due to the late arrival of the plane. Since the flight was fully booked, thanks to my Gold status we were fortunately the first on board the Airbus A320 and were able to stow our hand luggage in time.

What is the cabin and seat like in Aegean Airlines Economy Class on Airbus A320?

The cabin of the Aegean Airlines Economy Class in the Airbus A320 is not a big surprise in European continental traffic. In both Business Class and Economy Class, the seating arrangement is 3-3. The seats are upholstered in dark blue leather. The seat pitch is small, but no worse than that of other European airlines in economy class. With a height of 1.80 m, however, I hit the front seat with my knees.

Was gibt es in der Aegean Airlines Economy Class zu essen & trinken?

The service took a little longer due to the full plane. Since we were seated in row 17 and thus roughly in the middle of the Airbus A320, it took a correspondingly long time before we got our food and drinks. Aegean Airlines serves a free hot snack and a wide range of drinks on the flight from Berlin to Athens. On our flight, the warm snack was either a vegetarian pizza or one with turkey. There was also a Kitkat.

Vegetarische Pizza
Vegetarian pizza

Aegean Airlines offers non-alcoholic drinks such as water, cola, sprite or various juices, as well as tea and coffee. There is also free beer, red and white wine. Overall a very good choice for a 2 hour flight.

Pizza mit Truthahn und Getränkeauswahl
Pizza with turkey and choice of drinks

How is the inflight entertainment in Aegean Airlines Economy Class?

Aegean Airlines generally offers its passengers a streaming service via WiFi. Here the passenger will find various series, games and newspapers in PDF format. Unfortunately, our A320-200 was not equipped with WiFi. However, Aegean Airlines had already indicated this in the app when checking in, so that we could optimally prepare for the flight with books and offline content. And then there is the great view from the window.


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Rating of Aegean Airlines Economy Class in the Airbus A320
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Aegean Airlines Economy Class certainly offers the best value for money in a European comparison. The seat pitch in the cabin could be a little bigger. Despite the high occupancy rate, the service was friendly and the range of drinks was plentiful. Even the warm snack, although there was even a full meal before the pandemic, is a big advantage over other premium airlines on a two-hour flight.


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