Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 to Kuala Lumpur

Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9

The introduction of the new Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 was heavily advertised by the airline and caused a lot of hype even before its launch. When I booked this flight to Kuala Lumpur, my anticipation was also immeasurable. You can find out whether my expectations were fulfilled in the following detailed trip report.

How did we book our flight?

As already in previous trip report erwähnt, handelt es sich bei dieser Teilstrecke um einen Prämienflug in der Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 von Berlin nach Kuala Lumpur. Die Flugprämie habe ich über Miles & More gebucht. Für diesen Flug haben wir für jede Person 71.000 Meilen ausgegeben. Insgesamt sind es also 213.000 Meilen und Steuern und Gebühren in Höhe von 1.100 EUR.

Miles & More Prämienflug mit Turkish Airlines
Miles & More Prämienflug mit Turkish Airlines

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What is the cabin and seat like in the Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9?

The first impression of the cabin of the Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 is entirely positive. The predominant gray/anthracite tones make it look modern and elegant. The 30 seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, all offering full aisle access. The seats are staggered from row to row. In the even rows the seats are on both sides of the window directly at the window, in the odd rows they face the aisle. The staggered arrangement continues in the middle seats. For more privacy, a partition wall can be raised in the middle between the adjacent seats.

Kabine in der Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9
Cabin in the Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9

The seats come from STELIA Aerospace and offer a high level of privacy thanks to the very high construction of the side walls. The dominant color of the seats and trim is anthracite. As a contrast, the privacy screen is covered with light gray Alcantara and unfortunately obscures the view out of the window on the window seats. Curved seams in yellow gold complete the overall picture. The seat itself is covered with a dark gray fabric and leather mix.

Sitz in der Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9
Seat in the Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9

I found it very positive how tidy the seat seemed, because in addition to a large storage area, there was only a small storage compartment that could be pushed and locked with a sliding door. This storage compartment contained the universal power port, a USB port and, when boarding, the headphones and amenity kit. The amenity kit comes from the Italian company Salvatore Ferragamo and is available in red for women and light blue for men. Right next to the small storage compartment there is also a small, pull-out make-up mirror and a hook for hanging the headphones. Both the interior and the area in front of the storage compartment can be illuminated.

A personal reading light was also embedded in the privacy screen covered in light gray Alcantara. Three LEDs could be controlled separately using three buttons to ensure optimal individual lighting in every sitting position.

Persönliche Leseleuchte
Personal reading light

The table is located under the large screen and can be pulled out and unfolded. When unfolded, it is large and stable enough for eating and working. The table can be moved, but standing up is not possible when the table is unfolded.

The touch-sensitive controls for the seat and the lighting are located on the edge of the storage area facing the seat. By pressing the buttons, the seat can be moved to various predefined positions. Below this is the remote control for controlling the in-flight entertainment. This has a touch-sensitive monitor that can also display films or, for example, the flight route.

Sitzverstellung in der Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 und Fernbedienung
Seat adjustment in the Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 and remote control

After dinner I made my bed. In addition, Turkish Airlines provides a thin mattress topper, a large, comfortable pillow and a cozy blanket in business class. The bed is loud Turkish Airlines Website 193cm long. Unfortunately, I still didn't sleep very well, which was due to several things:

  1. Despite the stated length of the bed of 193 cm, with my height of 183 cm, I hit the seat panel with both my head and my feet.
  2. Although you could lower the armrests and thus widen the surface area, I still felt very cramped as a side sleeper.
  3. And the last point of criticism is the extremely narrow foot compartment, the edge of which I kept bumping into.

Was gibt es in der Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9 zu essen & trinken?

Nach dem Einsteigen stellte sich die für uns zuständige Stewardess vor und servierte ein Begrüßungsgetränk. Zur Auswahl standen zwei hausgemachte Limonaden: Lemon Mint oder Raspberry. Beide sind sehr empfehlenswert. Außerdem überreichte sie mir zwei große Menükarten des Caterers DO&CO. Auf der einen Karte waren die Speisen und die alkoholfreien Getränke aufgelistet, auf der zweiten Karte war nur das Angebot an Wein, Sekt und Spirituosen aufgelistet. Die Auswahl an alkoholfreien Getränken war sehr groß. Neben acht Heißgetränken, von schwarzem Tee bis türkischem Kaffee, gab es viele verschiedene Säfte und Softdrinks, sogar Mocktails und selbstgemachte Detox-Säfte.

Begrüßungsgetränk und Menükarten
Welcome drink and menu cards

Turkish Airlines usually has a chef on board for business class on long-haul flights. Before we even started, she recorded our food requests for the upcoming dinner. Drink requests for after the start were also noted. I was always addressed by my name, which gave the service a personal touch. As a drink after the start I chose Taittinger champagne. I was served with a warm nut mixture.

Warme Nussmischung
Warm nut mixture

Dinner began with a bread service. There was also spreadable butter, a herb mixture and olive oil. I found it particularly nice that the table was set with a fabric tablecloth and a small electric tea light. This creates a great atmosphere.

Brot mit Olivenöl und Butter
Bread with olive oil and butter

The appetizers were served from the trolley. On our flight we had the following selection: mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, smoked wild salmon, shrimp with cocktail sauce, chickpea ragout with yogurt, beetroot with almonds, Turkish flatbread with minced meat, roast beef salad and cucumber and tomato salad with feta. I had the chef put a bit of everything on a plate for me. There was also a creamy pea soup. I was very impressed with the taste and quality of all the starters. What was also impressive was that I was able to put together my own menu. I only knew of such a service from... Lufthansa First Class.

There were three main courses to choose from: lamb chops and Adana kebab with grilled eggplant puree and tomato rice, grilled sea bass and homemade ricotta mezzelune. I chose the meat dish and accompanied it with a 2018 Chateau Lamothe Pontac red wine.

Lammkoteletts und Adana Kebab mit gegrilltem Auberginenpüree und Tomatenreis
Lamb chops and Adana kebab with grilled eggplant puree and tomato rice

Actually, I was already full after the delicious starter and main course, but as the saying goes: there's still room for dessert. This was again served from the trolley and you could put together your own creation. I chose Crêpes Apricot with warm chocolate sauce and cream ice cream.

Crêpes Apricot mit warmer Schokoladensauce und Sahneeis
Crêpes Apricot with warm chocolate sauce and cream ice cream

Before landing in Kuala Lumpur, salad with chicken breast and mustard dressing was served. There was also Köpoğlu, a Turkish-style fried eggplant with slow-roasted tomato sauce and yogurt.

Salat mit Hühnchenbrust und Senfdressing
Salad with chicken breast and mustard dressing

How is the in-flight entertainment on the Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-9?

Turkish Airlines offers an 18-inch HD screen with very good resolution in the Boeing 787-9 Business Class. The selection of films, TV series and music is very large. Many offers were also available in German. You could also choose from some live TV channels, such as various news channels. There are noise-canceling headphones from the Japanese manufacturer Denon that cancel out external noise well and were comfortable to wear.

I also really liked the high-resolution external cameras, with which you could follow the flight forwards or downwards. In addition, I always had an eye on the flight route on the small screen of the remote control.

Blick mit der hochauflösenden Außenkamera beim Landeanflug auf Kuala Lumpur
View with the high-resolution external camera during the landing approach to Kuala Lumpur

Turkish Airlines also offers free WiFi. Every business class passenger receives 1 gigabyte of data on every flight, which can be used to surf the entire Internet, use social media and email inboxes. However, speed and availability varied greatly during the flight.

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Review of Turkish Airlines Business Class on the Boeing 787-9
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I really enjoyed my flight in business class on the Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9. I really liked the cabin with its dark colors and modern design. The seat was very comfortable except for the sleeping comfort and could be adjusted as desired. A big plus point of the flight with Turkish Airlines was the service and the range of food and drinks. I had only ever experienced the individual serving of starters from the trolley in first class and I particularly enjoyed it. The quality of the food and the taste of the other courses were also at a consistently high level. The extensive film and entertainment offering rounded off the great flight experience. Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Business Class is a clear recommendation.


My name is Christian and I was born in the green heart of Germany and studied computer engineering in Ilmenau, Thuringia. Since 2021, I live with my wife Christin and our son in Merseburg and work in Leipzig as a product manager. What I love about travelling is flying, discovering delicious food and drink, and staying in great hotels. I am a travel enthusiast and always on the lookout for the next adventure. I have been posting about my experiences on the road since 2007.

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