Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 Economy Class, Frankfurt nach New York

Unser Flugzeug

Today it's finally back to the United States of America, this time with Singapore Airlines! But this time only a pure city trip to New York City.

published in early November Singapore Airlines an offer for EUR 349 ​​from Frankfurt to New York. Since I had heard a lot about the good service of this airline and had last visited New York in 2006, I made a quick decision to book.

Ankunft am Flughafen Frankfurt
Arrival at Frankfurt Airport

The flight times are very cheap for a New York trip. With a departure time of 08:30, Singapore Airlines is one of the first American flights to leave Frankfurt and you will be in New York before noon (local time). The disadvantage is that we had to leave our Thuringian homeland at around 2 a.m. We parked the car for just 22 EUR in a parking garage 10 minutes away. We hardly had to wait for the shuttle bus and it only took us 7 minutes to get to Terminal 1.

Flight Singapore Airlines SQ 26 to New York City

Tuesday March 29, 2011
Departure: 08:30 (Actual: 09:00 CEST)Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Arrive: 10:55 am (Actual: 10:34 am EDT) New York, USA (JFK)
Duration: 7 hours 34 minutes
Distance: 3973mi/6359km
Airline: Singapore Airlines SQ 26
Aircraft type: Boeing 747-400
Booking class: Economy Class

Unser Flugzeug - Singapore Airlines (Boeing 747-400)
Our plane – Singapore Airlines (Boeing 747-400)

The machine, a Boeing 747-400, came half an hour late from Singapore. Pushback from the terminal was therefore only 08:45. In addition to a menu for the flight, we were given a warm towel and an aperitif. There is nothing special to report about the equipment of the economy class. The seats and the interior are unfortunately getting a bit old, but the distance and legroom are sufficient. The Inseat Entertainment offers several on-demand films and also TV series. There is also a route map and several music channels to choose from. The monitors are sufficient in size. In direct sunlight, however, it is difficult to see anything on it. Unfortunately, the system failed at the beginning of the flight and could only be restarted after half an hour.


Breakfast service started about 45 minutes after takeoff and was a pleasant surprise. Although “Fried Egg Noodles with Roasted Pork and Chinese Leafy Greens” may seem a bit unfamiliar in the morning. There was also a fruit plate, yoghurt, an oven-fresh rolls with jam, coffee and orange juice.


Having lunch

A light snack was served a good two hours before we landed in New York. There was a choice between braised beef with mashed potatoes or fried chicken with chilli sauce, vegetables and fragrant rice. I opted for the second main course. Starter was a pasta salad with shrimp (s) and for dessert there was ice cream.

Having lunch
Eis als Nachtisch
Ice cream for dessert

Despite the delay in Frankfurt, we landed in New York City (JFK) on time. Thanks to our early arrival time, it was still extremely quiet at International Terminal 5. We only had to wait 20 minutes for entry. Then we took the AitTrain and the subway to the hotel. Overall I was from Singapore Airlines positively surprised. The service was friendly. The food was delicious and the range of drinks including soft drinks, wine, beer and even cocktails was more than adequate.

Still looking for a flight to New York City?

New York City International Airport is accessible year-round from many German cities. You can find cheap flights through online travel agencies such as, Bravofly,,Expedia,lastminute.deorSkyscanner.

  • Seat
  • Entertainment
  • Cleanliness
  • Service
  • Beverages
  • Eat
  • Price-performance


Friendly service, delicious food and a good range of drinks. Perfect!


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