Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319 to Leipzig

Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319

Die Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319 kann nicht wirklich als Luxus bezeichnet werden. In den meisten Fällen lohnt sich die Lufthansa Business Class auf Kurzstreckenflügen innerhalb Europas aufgrund des Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnisses nicht. Als Anschlussflug unseres Miles & More Prämientickets aus Dubai flogen wir die Kurzstrecke von Frankfurt nach Leipzig.

Boarding LH 158 to Leipzig

Since we arrived late from Zurich, we had to make quite a sprint from the bus arrival A-S-W to gate B10 with a stroller, child seat and our three-year-old son. Anyone who knows Frankfurt Airport knows that this is quite a long way. Thanks to the delay of the arriving Airbus A319, we finally made it.

Boarding LH158 am Gate B10 in Frankfurt
Boarding LH158 at Gate B10 in Frankfurt

Boarding at gate B10 finally started with a delay of more than an hour. The reason for this was the delayed arrival of the A319 from Düsseldorf. We were the first guests on board and were able to place the child seat in peace. As with almost every flight, we were asked if the child seat was approved for the aircraft.

Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319
Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319

What is the cabin and seat like in Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319?

As already mentioned in the introduction, the Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319 is not a luxury. These are the same seats and 3+3 seating as in Economy Class. The only difference is that the middle seat always remains free.

On the way to Leipzig, there were five rows of seats in Lufthansa Business Class today. Separated by a curtain, economy class began from the sixth row.

Was gibt es in der Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319 zu essen & trinken?

On the short flight to Leipzig, there was only a small snack in Lufthansa Business Class in the Airbus A319. A cold platter was served with a shrimp and a roast beef roll. There was also an antipasti skewer with pesto. The dessert was a vanilla cream with rhubarb compote.

Essen in der Lufthansa Business Class auf der Kurzstrecke nach Leipzig
Eat in Lufthansa Business Class on the short-haul to Leipzig

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Review of Lufthansa Business Class Airbus A319
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Unfortunately, Lufthansa's business class offer on short-haul flights is not always worthwhile. The cabin and seat are identical to Economy Class and only the free middle seat makes the difference. When it comes to service, it always depends very much on the staff whether the business class flight is an experience or not.


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