Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 Business Class, Berlin to Athens

Rindfleisch mit Artischocken an einer Fenchel Soße mit traditioneller Pasta "Striftoudi" aus Kreta

Exactly on time, five minutes before the ordered time at 8:30 a.m., we were picked up at Kurfürstendamm with the myDriver limousine, a BMW 5 Series. After our luggage was stowed in the trunk by the driver, we took a seat on the comfortable leather bench seat in the interior. The journey was very pleasant and without the daring maneuvers that some taxi drivers do. It's also great that, in addition to enough reading material and water, there was even a charging adapter for a wide variety of smartphone models.

Should we not use public transport again, myDriver is more than just an alternative. It is definitely worth the small additional cost compared to a taxi.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge (Berlin-Tegel)

We were driven directly to Gate A6 in the limousine. The short distances make the airport simply unique and ingenious. It's a shame if it ever closes.

Ankunft fast am Gate - Flughafen Tegel (by
Arrival almost at the gate – Tegel Airport (by

Unfortunately, the check-in counter was not yet open due to the previous and delayed Germanwings flight to Dusseldorf. So we walked straight to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. Since we had already checked in online, we also came in here with the mobile ticket.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge (Berlin-Tegel)
Lufthansa Senator Lounge (Berlin-Tegel)

Now it was finally time for a hearty breakfast. The selection was good and so I put together a combination of croissant, vanilla yoghurt and delicious scrambled eggs with paprika. Apple and pineapple smoothies were also distributed.

Frühstück in der Lounge (by
Breakfast in the lounge (by


At around 10:40 am we exited the Senator Lounge and walked to Gate A6. At the Business / Star Alliance Gold check-in counter, we quickly had our boarding passes issued for today's flights to Athens, Rhodes and Thessaloniki.

Gate A6 mit Aegean Airlines Check-in (by
Gate A6 with Aegean Airlines Check-in (by airfurt.

Boarding had already started and the line was already quite long. The plane to Athens seemed to be getting really full today. As status customers, we would have had the option of priority boarding, but we decided to wait in the gate area and were able to take pictures of the A320-200 in the meantime.

Aegean Airbus A320-200 SX-DVS (by
Aegean Airbus A320-200 SX-DVS (by

Flight A3 853 to Athens

Mit dem Aegean Miles&Bonus Gold Status bekam jedes Mitglied vier Voucher für ein Upgrade in die Business Class. So konnten wir den gebuchten Economy Class Flug im vornherein telefonisch upgraden, unabhängig welche Buchungsklasse gebucht war.

Business class at Aegean today consisted of three rows. The middle seat always remains free and is converted into a kind of table. It's also nice that the middle seat's armrest has been moved inwards to give the passenger more space. Of the 12 available seats, only four were occupied by us today. We took seats 1C and 1A. Shortly after 11 a.m. we pulled back from the gate. While the pilot taxied the A320 to the runway, we were handed the menu and a glass of sparkling wine.

Speisekarte Aegean Business Class
Menu Aegean Business Class

After take-off, heading east today, the chief stewardess served us an ouzo and a bag of roasted peanuts as an aperitif. Yamas!

Ouzo und eine Tüte geröstete Erdnüsse als Aperitif
Ouzo and a bag of roasted peanuts as an aperitif

After the table was set with a paper serviette, the tray with the appetizer was brought. Today we had manouri cheese breaded in pine nuts on crunchy spinach, endive salad, wolfberry berries and a honey-mustard vinaigrette. In addition, freshly baked rolls were served. The Greek cream cheese was exactly my taste. Delicious!

Vorspeise: mit Pinienkernen panierter Manouri-Käse auf knackigem Blattspinat, Endivien Salat, Bocksdorn Beeren und eine Honig-Senf Vinaigrette (by
Starter: Manouri cheese breaded with pine nuts on crunchy spinach, endive salad, wolfberry berries and a honey-mustard vinaigrette (by

There was a choice of two dishes for the warm main course: beef or chicken. I chose the beef with artichokes in a fennel sauce with traditional pasta “Striftoudi” from Crete. The stewardess recommended a Greek white wine from Malagousia (vintage 2013/14) to accompany the main course. Wonderfully fruity!

Rindfleisch mit Artischocken an einer Fenchel Soße mit traditioneller Pasta "Striftoudi" aus Kreta
Beef with artichokes in a fennel sauce with traditional pasta "Striftoudi" from Crete

For dessert there were various Greek desserts in addition to feta and Kaseri cheese. Filling but delicious! We ended the three-course menu with a filter coffee, since the espresso machine on board was unfortunately broken.

Nachspeise (by
Dessert (by

Shortly before the pilot began his approach to Athens at around 2:30 p.m., the stewardess wanted to do something good for us. She said we should definitely try the Chios Mastiha liqueur. The sweet pistachio schnapps was a nice end to this flight.

Likör Chios Mastiha
Liqueur Chios Mastiha

The landing approach to Athens airport was very bumpy due to the bad weather. After we had flown through the cloud cover, rain started immediately. Not as we imagined the trip to Greece.

Reiseflug (by
Cruise flight (by
Flugroute auf der Moving Map (by
Flight route on the moving map (by

After arriving at the gate, we said goodbye to the crew and walked down the gangway into the terminal building to the Aegeon Business Lounge.

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Our review of Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 Business Class on the way from Berlin (TXL) to Athens (ATH)

  • Seat
  • Service
  • Cleanliness
  • Eat
  • Beverages
  • Inflight Entertainment
  • Price-performance


The Aegean Business Class in the Airbus A320 is really a great product. The service, food and drink selection are excellent.


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