Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG nach Singapur

Kabine der Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG

The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route was the busiest international air route in the world in 2018, with 30,187 flights per year, according to an analysis by travel information service OAG Aviation Worldwide. The corona pandemic has certainly reduced this number significantly. However, there are still numerous daily connections between the two Southeast Asian cities. We decided to take a morning flight with Singapore Airlines. I was very excited to see what the Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG had to offer in regional traffic.

How did we book our flight?

To get from Kuala Lumpur to the Thai capital Bangkok, there are several options in different price categories. Both low-cost airlines such as Air Asia X and premium carriers such as Malaysia Airlines or THAI offer direct flights. However, since it was clear to us that we wanted to book a reward flight, we decided on what we thought was the best value for money and booked a connecting connection from Kuala Lumpur via Singapore to Bangkok with Singapore Airlines in business class.

I found a good offer through Miles+Bouns, Aegean Airlines' frequent flyer program, where I also have my Star Alliance Gold status. In total, we paid 97,500 award miles and only 78 euros in taxes and fees for flights in Singapore Airlines Business Class (for two adults and one child).

Miles+Bonus Prämienflug mit Singapore Airlines
Miles+Bonus award flight with Singapore Airlines

What is the cabin and seat like on the Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG?

Singapore Airlines only operates a small fleet of eight former SilkAir Boeing 737-800 NGs, which are still equipped with the business class seats of the former regional subsidiary. SilkAir's Boeing 737-800 NG were originally intended for the low-cost subsidiary Scoot, while Singapore Airlines only wanted to take over the regional subsidiary's Boeing 737-8 MAX and equip it with new business class seats. The two serious crashes of the Boeing 737-8 MAX at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 and the subsequent global grounding of this aircraft type unfortunately put paid to these plans. Singapore Airlines was now forced to continue operating this older Boeing 737-800 NG as a full-service narrow-body aircraft in regional traffic.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800 NG (Registrierung 9V-MGM)
Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800 NG (registration 9V-MGM)

The Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG consists of 12 reclining seats installed in a total of 3 rows in a 2-2 arrangement. Behind it is Economy Class, which is separated by a partition and a curtain. As a special feature, business class does not start in row 1, but in row 11. The seats in the front row offer additional legroom, but have no storage space on the floor during takeoff and landing.

Sitzplan Boeing 737-800 NG (Quelle: Singapore Airlines)
Seat map Boeing 737-800 NG (Source: Singapore Airlines)

The former owner SilkAir had installed the “Millennium” model leather seats manufactured by B/E Aerospace in business class. As already mentioned, Singapore Airlines simply adopted these seats and only changed the color to gray. My seat for the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore was 11A, which is the left window seat in the first row. The seat was well padded and quite comfortable and ultimately more than adequate in terms of seating comfort for a short day flight. All adjustments of the seat were done mechanically using 4 levers in the armrest of the seat. The backrest was adjustable and a footrest could also be extended and extended downwards. There was also adjustable lumbar support. The headrest was height adjustable and could be angled laterally. The outer armrest housed the table and between both seats there was a large shelf and a small table for drinks. There was also a universal socket and a USB-A port for each passenger. In the business class of Singapore Airlines' Boeing 737-800 NG, a fluffy blanket and a large pillow were available upon boarding.

Was gibt es in der Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG zu essen & trinken?

Since our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore only took 40 minutes, we were asked about our meal wishes by the flight attendant shortly after boarding. We were addressed by name and were able to choose between two cold dishes:

  • Cold Soba
    Cold buckwheat noodles topped with salmon roe, shredded egg, seaweed and scallions, served with wasabi and dried bonito pasta sauce
  • Gado Gado
    Cold salad of boiled egg, potatoes, cabbage and green beans with fried tempeh, fermented soybean cake, peanut sauce and crispy emping crackers.

Since I already stayed at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur (click here Hotel Review) and in the lounge at Kuala Lumpur Airport (click here Lounge Review) had eaten something, I wasn't too hungry. I didn't know either dish, but I was more curious about Gado Gado. This lukewarm vegetable salad comes from Indonesian cuisine, especially from central Indonesia and the island of Bali, and is served with a spicy peanut sauce. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it tasted really good with the peanut sauce.

Gado Gado
Gado Gado

The service on the Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800 NG Business Class was impeccable. The table was set with a tablecloth and real cutlery and the food and drinks were served on china. Drink service was made to order directly from the front galley. However, there was no welcome drink. A bottle of still water was available at your seat upon boarding.

What is the in-flight entertainment like on the Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 NG?

The plane had overhead monitors showing the safety video. However, the monitors were not used during the flight. Singapore Airlines, like the previous owners of the Boeing 737-800 NG SilkAir, relies on the built-in WiFi and the streaming service offered via it. This meant that films, series and music could be streamed to your own smartphone/tablet. According to Singapore Airlines' website, Apple iPads will be distributed to business class passengers. However, this was not the case on our short flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. However, surfing the Internet was not possible via WLAN.

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All in all, the travel experience in Singapore Airlines Business Class on the Boeing 737-800 NG was very good. Although the service offering is limited to a 40-minute flight, it is very extensive compared to other European countries. The quality of the food and drinks was excellent. Singapore Airlines didn't do itself any favors with the cabin and the slightly older seats after taking over the aircraft from SilkAir. Here, as a passenger, it is better to choose business class on the Boeing 737-8.


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