Aegean Business Lounge Athens in the non-Schengen area (Terminal A)

Eingangsbereich der Aegean Business Lounge im Nicht-Schengen-Bereich (Terminal A)

The new Aegean Business Lounge in Terminal A, the non-Schengen area of ​​Athens Airport, was recently opened in April 2022. On my way to Sofia, I used the transfer time to check out the new Aegean Airlines flagship lounge at Athens airport.

Where is the Aegean Business Lounge Athens located?

The new Aegean Business Lounge is located in the non-Schengen area of ​​Athens Airport (Terminal A). After going through security and passport control and strolling through the various duty-free shops, I made my way to the lounge. A small poster indicates that the lounge is on the 3rd floor of the new part of the building. You have the choice between an elevator and the option of taking the stairs or escalator twice. I chose the stairs because I had enjoyed a sumptuous Business Class meal on my outbound flight from Dusseldorf to Athens. Once at the top, I stood in a generously designed entrance area. The area was flooded with light from a glass roof and looked lovely with an olive tree and the blue glass and aluminum wall cladding. Through the automatic entrance control, I quickly got into the lounge.

Who has access to the Aegean Business Lounge Athens?

Guests with a Business Class ticket or Miles+Bonus Gold status as well as Gold members of the Star Alliance network have access to the new Aegean Business Lounge. The latter may also bring a guest into the lounge.

How is the Aegean Business Lounge Athens equipped?

The lounge itself is similar in size to the entrance area. There is plenty of seating in the very large 1250 m² lounge. There are many tables set up at the buffets. In the other areas there are comfortable sofas, armchairs and loungers with a view of the apron. There are also two separate meeting rooms.

Rounded and flowing shapes and a combination of high-quality materials such as marble, terrazzo, glass and wood make the new Aegean Business Lounge in Terminal A a highly modern place. The color blue, which corresponds to the corporate identity of Aegean Airlines, is predominant. Overall the lounge makes a very luxurious impression and is definitely an upgrade compared to the previous lounge.

What is there to eat and drink in the Aegean Business Lounge Athens?

There is a large buffet with various hot and cold dishes. During my stay there were only dishes from Greek cuisine. Everything looked fresh and the dishes I tried were delicious. There was also a buffet island with various desserts and very tasty smoothies.

For drinks there are three buffets in the lounge. Due to the Corona requirements, these were staffed and you were served your coffee or non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks. There was also a wine tasting station at the drinks buffet in the dining area. Here I was able to taste various Greek white and red wines and learned interesting facts about their origin from the respective displays. All in all, the Aegean Lounge Athens in Terminal A has a very good offer.

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Review of Aegean Business Lounge Athens (Terminal A)
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The new Aegean Business Lounge in Terminal A at Athens Airport is a real highlight. The design of the lounge is very appealing and there is a wide range of different seating and relaxation options. The food was varied and of good quality. The range of drinks was just as good.


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