Aegean Airlines Business Class in der Airbus A320 nach Thessaloniki

Aegean Airlines Business Class

Zum Auftakt meines kurzen Segment Runs für Aegean Miles & Bonus Gold flog ich dieses Jahr in der Aegean Airlines Business Class in the Airbus A320-200 from Hanover to Thessaloniki. I had booked a cheap ticket in economy class and then upgraded to business class with a voucher. You can find out whether the upgrade was worth it in the trip report.

How did we book our flight?

Since I was mainly traveling with Lufthansa in Europe this year for work, I had to think about how I could achieve the necessary miles or flight segments to extend my frequent flyer status with Aegean Airlines. After much back and forth, I finally found a combination that allowed me to complete the required four flights with Aegean Airlines without an overnight stay in Greece:

From Hanover we went shortly after midnight via Thessaloniki to Heraklion on Crete and in the afternoon we went back to Hanover via Athens. I easily booked the flight through the airline's official website.

Boarding flight A3 509 to Thessaloniki

Since the Airbus A320-200 from Thessaloniki arrived in Hanover on time, boarding began 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Unfortunately, the booking class or frequent flyer status was not taken into account during the boarding process. But since I was sitting in 1A today and didn't have any hand luggage with me other than a small backpack, I obediently stood in line.

Boarding in Hannover
Boarding in Hanover

What is the cabin and seat like in Aegean Airlines Business Class on the Airbus A320?

As with most intra-European flights, Aegean's Business Class on the Airbus A320-200 consists of the same cabin as Economy Class. The only difference is that with three seats on each side, the middle seat always remains empty. A small table is hung here instead. On my flight to Thessaloniki, only the first two rows were business class and separated from the rest of the cabin by a curtain. Aegean doesn't just have enough legroom in the front row.

There is nothing special to report about the seat. It is covered in dark blue leather and the backrest can be adjusted, as is usual in the industry. It was sufficiently comfortable for flight times of up to 3 hours.

Was gibt es in der Aegean Airlines Business Class zu essen & trinken?

Immediately after the seat belt signs went off, the flight attendants closed the economy class curtain and began preparing for service. According to the menu that was handed to me along with the welcome drink, I had a choice of two main courses: chicken with Greek pasta or fish with mashed potatoes. I chose chicken. There was also a quinoa salad with smoked chicken, a selection of cheeses and a Greek pudding for dessert. With my meal, on the recommendation of the purser, I ordered a Greek white wine from the Peloponnese and mineral water.

How is the inflight entertainment in Aegean Airlines Business Class?

The Airbus A320 was equipped with ceiling monitors, but hardly anything could be seen on them. Actually, a large part of Aegean Airlines' fleet is equipped with in-flight entertainment via WiFi and the Aegean app. But somehow the WiFi didn't want to work.

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Review of Aegean Airlines Business Class on the Airbus A320
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Aegean Airlines Business Class proved once again that it is a solid product on my flight to Thessaloniki. The service and the range of food and drinks are very good. Unfortunately, as is usual in Europe, the cabin does not convey a real business class feeling.


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