Plane spotting at Munich Airport

Icelandair - Boeing 757-200 - MSN 24600 - TF-ISZ

Munich Airport is the second largest airport in Germany. There are two parallel runways (South 26L/08R and North 26R/08L), which are used for take-offs and landings depending on the wind direction. Due to the relatively large distance between the two lanes, changing position when planespotting is often difficult. As a rule, machines destined for the south or east are dispatched on the southern runway.

Even though we didn't start our autumn vacation by plane for personal reasons, at least one visit to the airport was a must during our stop in Munich. Together with Robert from, we drove to various spotter points on a Sunday afternoon.

Planespotting MUC photo position 1: P81 holiday parking garage

From the top floor of the P81 vacationer car park at the air freight terminal you have a great view of the southern runway and the planes taxiing past on the taxiway. The car can either be parked in the multi-storey car park for a fee or on the hard shoulder (2 hours free of charge) in front of it.

Planespotting MUC photo position 2: Lookout Hill South

The viewing hill south is on the ED30 between Schwaig and Hallbergmoos. However, we did not climb the hill, but went over a small bridge to the fence or gate for rescue vehicles. Here you have a good view of the landing and taking off planes on runway 26L. You can take photos here almost all day long as you have the sun at your back.

Planespotting MUC photo position 3: North lookout hill

There is also a viewing hill at our third position. From this position you are much closer to the track. We were lucky that the planes took off and landed eastbound that day.


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