Planespotting at Boeing Plant / Paine Field Airport

Planespotting am Boeing-Werk

Boeing's largest and most important production facility is located about 50 kilometers north of Seattle. The Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787 wide-bodied aircraft are manufactured in the second largest building in the world right next to Paine Field Airport (Snohomish Country Airport). As with every visit to Seattle, this time we were at the Boeing plant for plane spotting.

Planespotting am Boeing-Werk
Planespotting at Boeing-Werk

The Boeing Everett plant was completed in 1968 for final assembly of the legendary Boeing 747. Due to new aircraft types such as the Boeing 767 in 1980 and the Boeing 777 in 1993, the plant was again extensively expanded. With a volume of 13,385,378 cubic meters, the production hall is currently the second largest building in the world.

When is the best time for planespotting at the Boeing factory? The best time to visit is a weekday. Since these are mostly test flights, take-off and landing take place at random times. Your only resource, at least for incoming flyers, is Flightradar24.

Future of Flight – Planespotting am Boeing-Werk

Aussichtshügel am Flughafen Paine Field
Lookout Hill at Paine Field Airport

The Future of Flight Museum, with its free Stratodeck observation deck, is an unbeatable location for viewing the daily takeoffs and landings on runway 16R at Paine Field Airport. After all, the museum is directly opposite the large production halls of Boeing. Should the viewing deck have closed, there is a series of hills adjacent to the car park. So the annoying wire mesh fence doesn't bother you when spotting planes.

You can find more information about the “Future of Flight” museum and the highly recommended Boeing Tour on the official website.

If you have enough time, drive your car around the entire airport area. There are parking options at various points. As long as the company premises are not entered, there is usually no trouble with the security service.

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