American Airlines Business Class to London-Heathrow

It goes back to Oslo. With American Airlines in the new Business Class, we fly first to London-Heathrow. From the Jamaica Station to the JFK Airport Train brings us to the Terminal 8. Here also, Air Berlin and LATAM to fly next to the American Airlines. Priority Check-in In the departure area there is a large...

Priority Check-in

In the departure area there is a large separate area for Priority guests. Oneworld Sapphire, Emerald, Business Class and First Class can check in here and give the Luggage. In the waiting area very comfortable armchairs. I know that so far, only Thai Airways in Bangkok (where these are still at the Counter).

After the security checks you will pass more or less at the Lounge entrance. An Elevator we go in the Lounge. Business Class passengers and Oneworld Sapphire to go in the Admirals Club. Thanks to my Topbonus platinum Status for us in the Flagship Lounge.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Until the departure we still have a lot of time. How to refer to the window front, the last two free reclining chair. A drink with an Umbrella in it in Hand and the views of the run-up to enjoy, want to what is the frequent flyer heart? :-)

The Flagship Lounge is relatively small, but has a good range of drinks, Snacks and meals. “First Class Lounge” is perhaps still a little exaggerated. In the course of the renovation work will improve the Design and quality of the Lounge. Until the beginning of 2017 so far, you have to be patient a little longer. Now there is the early afternoon, fresh sandwiches, as a Snack, in the evening, a Variation of hot dishes. Out of pure curiosity, I try a few things. The quality of fits.

There are only a couple of minutes until Boarding, but to enjoy enough time to the last Time the views to the Manhattan and in the rest to drink. In the distance, on the Cargo Apron, by the way, the Ed Force One, Iron Maiden.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER in Business Class AA100 from New York to London

We run only a few steps from the Lounge to our Gate. The first passengers in a queue at a row already and the wait it goes. The First Class the first to Board, then we follow. Our place is a cabin in the larger part of the Business Class. I niste me on 7A for the upcoming night flight.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER N736AT

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER N736AT

We are kindly received. As an Aperitif, the Usual: water, orange juice and champagne. The captain announces over the loudspeaker that our flight moves because of the cheap back winds a little to the rear. Because we would be far ahead of the planned arrival time arrive in London until 6:00 PM local time, landed may be, we remain still at the Gate. So, enough time still remains the excellent Business Class seat to take under the magnifying glass.

The Seat American Airlines Business Class

Each seat has the Reverse arrangement of the Herringbone with direct aisle access and Maximum privacy and space. This is nice if one is traveling alone, however, is difficult, if wife and child.

However, this seat is awesome! Storage area is in large measure available, and in a small Cabinet the Bose Active Noise Canceling hang ready headphones. A small bottle of water is also what I find on a night flight especially good. The seat allows, in addition to the two pre-installed stages (Takeoff / Sleep) a variety of adjustment possibilities, and also the table can be varied in size.

If phone or Laptop must be loaded, you can dock it easily to the American, European and English plug-in systems. A USB port is also to be found. With the remote control, the Inflight Entertainment can be easily controlled and logical. The response time is very good.

The Flight – American Airlines Business Class

The Pushback begins and our triple seven makes its way in the direction of the runway. The massive GE-90 howl on and make for blistering performance. The pilots turn on the left and we descend over Long Island on our cruising altitude, and take more course at Boston and North-East Canada.

Outside, the sun is going down slowly. My Sundowner is a Gin and Tonic, with a suitable’s warm bowl of nuts in a porcelain. Following the Aperitif, the meal is served. American, British Airways on the outbound flight, the possibility of five different main dishes to choose online before Check-in.

The Service American Airlines Business Class

As a Starter, is served by American Airlines, Thai Chicken on grilled pineapple and watermelon with Minzdressing – a very nice summer dish. As well as a mixed salad with artichokes and grilled tomatoes, and Feta cheese. The main course consisted of a lemon Risotto, steamed halibut with sauteed tomato-fennel and broccoli. The food is really a poem, the salad is fresh and crisp, the fish succulent. For Dessert, I'm spoilt for choice: New York Chesecake or ice cream. I decide after long Hesitation, for the ice cream. :-)

During the dinner, the movie Everest. Wi-Fi was on the entire flight, have used I it. When Clear, I am asked whether I want to sleep before landing, a lot of Breakfast, or rather for as long as possible. Breakfast sounds good! Then it is time to see if the seat holds what he promises. I make my bed for the night. With the earplugs from the Amenity Kit I can actually sleep for almost three hours.

American Airlines Business Class Breakfast

American Airlines Business Class Breakfast

We are now on Ireland, and the Breakfast is served. Here, too, was allowed to be re-elected. I opt for the fruit with yogurt and Granola. This means, unfortunately, that we are about to land. The Crew begins the clean up.

London is already within reach, because we start with the Holdings. As the captain promised, we land ahead of time at the airport of London-Heathrow. A much-too-short, great flight comes to an end!

Our review of American Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-300ER

  • Seat
  • Service
  • Cleanliness
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • inflight entertainment
  • Price/Performance


In July 2013, American Airlines took over their new Boeing 777-300ER and equipped this aircraft with a top-notch Business Class product. For solo travelers, it offers a high level of comfort and privacy. The food is great and the Service American a warm welcome. Anyone who has the Chance to fly with it, be sure to do that!


Hi, I'm Robert and infected by the virus flyer since my first flight in 1993, in a Tupolev Tu-154. Chances of recovery is zero. Since I am now even more intense am grappling with discount programs and topbonus Platinum and Star Alliance Gold am, all things have become much worse. :-) counts Fortunately for me, I have a very understanding family who love to share my passion with me and benefited from it. In the summer of 2015 we moved from Berlin to the near Munich and now have a great and above all functioning airport right outside the front door. So there are still many exciting trips and pictures give, nice that her since!

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