Lounge Tempelhof Berlin

Lounge Tempelhof

The Lounge Tempelhof at BER Airport is the second large airport lounge at the capital's new airport. We were able to visit it before our early morning flight with Turkish Airlines. Find out what we liked about the lounge and where there might still be room for improvement in our lounge review.

Where is the Tempelhof lounge at BER?

The Tempelhof Lounge is located at BER Airport behind the central security checkpoint on the left of the two corners of the U-shaped terminal (near Gate A20). The location is very well chosen as the lounge can be used by Schengen and non-Schengen passengers at the same time. The route to the Tempelhof lounge is very well signposted.

Weg zur Lounge Tempelhof
Go to the Tempelhof Lounge

Who has access to the Tempelhof lounge at BER?

Access is available to many business class passengers on non-Star Alliance flights, with the exception of Turkish Airlines and United Airlines. The list of eligible airlines is correspondingly long and can be updated daily on the BER Airport website can be viewed. Access to the Tempelhof Lounge can also be purchased for a fee of €48. Unfortunately, the Tempelhof Lounge does not participate in the Priority Pass program.

Zutritt zur Lounge Tempelho
Access to the Tempelho Lounge

How is the Tempelhof lounge equipped?

To get to the lounge, you have to go up one floor from departure level A using the stairs or elevator. Check-in is located approximately in the middle of the spacious lounge. From here, the seating areas with various chairs, armchairs, loungers and tables extend to the left and right. Almost all armchairs and seating areas are equipped with sockets and USB chargers. The large panoramic windows give you a good view of the apron and the aircraft at the gate.

The many different seating options are very noticeable and should be mentioned positively. Bar stools with bar tables, lounge chairs, loungers, but also normal tables and chairs ensure that everyone finds a suitable place. There are even two meeting rooms, but these must be reserved explicitly (cost 100 EUR). There are no announcements in the lounge, but there are plenty of display boards with current departure information. The toilets are close to check-in and were clean and bright. A shower is also available. Particularly worth mentioning is the exclusive access to passport control if, like ours, the flight starts from area C and therefore non-Schengen.

What is there to eat and drink in the Tempelhof Lounge?

We were in the lounge early in the morning just after 5am. Breakfast was served in the Tempelhof lounge. Here, however, the selection was a bit clear. At the cold buffet there was cold cuts of sausage and cheese, Obazda, sausage salad and herb quark and at the warm buffet there were scrambled eggs, white sausage and patatas bravas. There were also croissants, pretzels, sweet spreads and fruit.

The selection of drinks, however, was very large and for me an absolute highlight of the lounge. In addition to the usual drinks such as coffee, water, various soft drinks and juices as well as beer, there was also a very large selection of spirits. There was Scottish and Japanese whiskey, four different types of gin and, somewhat surprisingly, eggnog.

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Rating of the Lounge Tempelhof Berlin
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


Our visit to the Tempelhof lounge at BER Airport was very pleasant. We were very impressed by the many different seating options and the large selection of drinks. The exclusive access to passport control was also perfect and time-saving. There is only some room for improvement when it comes to the selection of dishes.


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