VIP room Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona

Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona

After a week of relaxing vacation in Catalonia, we flew back to Germany from Barcelona with Lufthansa. Before departure, we visited the Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona, ​​which Priority Pass recognized as the world's best airport lounge in 2013. So my expectations were high! You can find out whether these were also fulfilled in the review.

Where is the Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona located?

Getting to the Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona is not complicated. Immediately after the security check, we drove down the escalator to the Sky Center, the shopping area at departure gates A, B and C. At the bottom, we turned right and after a short walk up another escalator we reached the entrance to the lounge. Too complicated? The path is of course also signposted - just follow the VIP signs!

Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona
VIP room Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona

Who has access to the Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona?

The Sala VIP Pau Casals contract lounge in Terminal 1 (Schengen area) is used by various airlines for Business Class passengers and status guests. Additionally, entry is available through a range of credit cards, lounge access programs such as the Priority Pass, or even payment. I was able to take my wife and 1 1/2 year old son into the lounge as Star Alliance Gold status holders without any discussion.

How is the Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona equipped?

The reception desk was in the entrance area of ​​the lounge. Opposite were two screens with departure information. Thus, the explicit announcements were omitted. However, the general announcements from the airport could be heard over the loudspeakers.

Abfluginformationen im Eingangsbereich
Departure information in the entrance area

To the left of the entryway was a small business center with a total of six computers. You could surf the internet for free on these and also via the WLAN. However, the lounge did not offer its own WiFi. So we had to use the airport's free public network, which unfortunately was very slow at times.

Business Center
Business Center

The rest of the lounge was divided into several areas grouped around the central buffet area. The lion's share of the open seating consisted of oversized leather armchairs in elegant black with individual side tables. Small lamps together with the light wood decor created a cozy atmosphere and the spacious room layout offered a lot of privacy. There was also a smaller partitioned room at the rear of the lounge and a darkened rest room seating sixsofa beds. At the centrally located buffet there were tables with chairs. Disappointingly, the service staff here and in the rest of the lounge couldn't keep up and the dirty dishes were sometimes piled up.

Sitzgruppe im hinteren Bereich der Lounge
Seating group in the rear area of ​​the lounge

What is there to eat and drink at Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge Barcelona?

The selection of drinks was considerable. At a professional Nespresso machine I could choose from four different types of coffee capsules. In the refrigerators there was a rich selection of soda, delicious fruit juices, different types of beer and also water in plastic bottles (to take away). In the back area of ​​the lounge there was also a buffet island with wine, sparkling wine and spirits.

In contrast to the drinks, the food choices were minimal. There was a well-arranged salad bar, a cold buffet, pastries and different types of potato chips. We were very disappointed with the cold stretch. It looked a bit like mass processing, because the selection of cheese, salami and ham was carelessly stacked.

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Review of the Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


Were my expectations based on the “world's best airport lounge” award met? Unfortunately not 100%! The Sala VIP Pau Casals Lounge convinced with a cozy atmosphere and spacious room layout. But the choice of food was disappointing, while the range of drinks was quite large. Also, the lack of a fast, private lounge WiFi network is unacceptable for a modern business lounge. Finally, we were a bit disappointed with the cleanliness and the slow service staff.


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