Business Lounge at Katowice Airport

Business Lounge am Flughafen Kattowitz

In terms of passengers, Katowice Airport is the third largest airport in Poland. Lufthansa currently offers a total of 21 flights a week. For your own airport lounge, the number is too small and you use the contract lounge in Terminal B. You will find out in our review that a visit to the business lounge at Katowice Airport is still worthwhile.

Where is the business lounge located at Katowice Airport?

Arrived at Katowice Airport, I took the elevator to the second floor. Here, Katowice Airport offers a security check specially set up for status customers. This so-called Fast Track was set up very personally and almost elegantly by the airport. So there, similar to that Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, a counter for passport and ticket control and a discreet security check with no waiting time. Access to the Business Lounge at Katowice Airport is right after the Fast Track.

Who has access to the business lounge at Katowice Airport?

Access to the Business Lounge and Fast Track is complimentary for Star Alliance Gold status holders and Business Class passengers. All other passengers can buy admission for PLN 60 (net).

How is the business lounge at Katowice Airport equipped?

The interior of the lounge surprised me with its pleasantly open design, dark wood veneer and seating in shades of yellow. I took a seat in one of the comfortable lounge chairs with a view of the hustle and bustle on the airport apron. There is also a high table with bar stools, four dining tables with two chairs each and six comfortable armchairs in the rear area of ​​the lounge.

What is there to eat and drink in the business lounge at Katowice Airport?

For a contract lounge, at a relatively small airport, the food and drink offerings were surprisingly good. A large refrigerator held chilled drinks as well as different types of beer, rosé wine, sparkling wine, non-alcoholic drinks and even energy drinks.

In addition to the range of drinks, packaged wraps, small burgers with breaded chicken, canapés and yoghurt were also available in the fridge. On the elongated bar table, which also served as a buffet, there were also some warm dishes. The offer was rounded off by various sweets and types of potato chips. After attending a busy appointment all day, I was extremely satisfied with a double espresso from the coffee machine and a Polish "after-work beer".

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Rating of the business lounge at Katowice Airport
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


The Business Lounge at Katowice Airport is a real gem. Pleasant ambience, a wide range of drinks and food and comfortable seating - in short, a very good contract lounge.


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  1. Rob

    Looks really good! And PLN 60 to “shopping” into the lounge is more than fair. In Poland you are still worth something as a status customer :-)

    1. Christian

      Also find 60PLN a very fair offer, since you only get access as a *Gold or Business Class passenger.

  2. Torsten

    The price is now 170 PLN for visiting the lounge

    1. Christian

      Thanks for your update! 170 PLN is quite a price increase.

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