Piedmont Lounge Turin

Piemonte Lounge Turin

After our weekend trip to the secret capital of Italy, we visited the Piemonte Lounge Turin before our return flight. You can find out how our stay in the contract lounge was and what amenities and service you can expect in the following lounge review.

Where is the Piemonte Lounge Turin located?

After quickly passing through security checks with the Fast Track Service, it was only a short walk to the exclusive Piemonte Lounge. The lounge is strategically located on the third floor of Turin Airport, which not only emphasizes its easy accessibility, but also the impressive view of the airport grounds and the surrounding area. Travelers have the choice of using the spiral staircase or elevator to access the lounge.

Blick von der Piemonte Lounge Turin auf das Vorfeld
View from the Piemonte Lounge Turin of the apron

Who has access to the Piemonte Lounge Turin?

Access eligibility to the Piemonte Lounge in Turin may vary depending on the lounge's policies and agreements. As a rule, the following people have access to the lounge: Business Class or First Class passengers, frequent flyers of certain frequent flyer programs depending on their status, holders of the Priority Pass, members of certain credit card programs or, in the classic way, by purchasing a day pass. We were allowed to visit the lounge because of my Star Alliance Gold status.

How is the Piemonte Lounge Turin equipped?

In the entrance area of ​​the lounge there were four separate workstations, which offered more privacy thanks to the wooden paneling. There were two monitors on the wall with departure information and a selection of newspapers underneath.

Arbeitsbereich und Zeitungsangebot in der Lounge
Work area and newspaper offering in the lounge

The adjoining lounge area essentially consisted of two separate seating areas. These were equipped with light, cream-colored leather armchairs and were each separated by a side table with a socket and two USB ports. The front and therefore right-hand seating area opened onto the airport apron and offered a great view of the runway. We looked for a seat in the slightly quieter left seating area. There was also a large workstation with several bar stools. There were plenty of sockets and USB ports here too.

iPads were distributed in the lounge and could be freely used for surfing. The free WiFi was pleasantly fast and available everywhere in the lounge.

iPads in der Lounge
iPads in the lounge

What can you eat and drink at the Piemonte Lounge Turin?

The service and the range of food and drinks were overall not satisfactory. There was a cold buffet with various salads, cheese, fruit and pastries. There was still yogurt and food in the fridge that needed to be cooled. Overall, the food selection was clear.

Angebot an Speisen in der Piemonte Lounge Turin
Offer of food in the Piemonte Lounge Turin

Drinks were only available at a bar with service. There were various wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Typically for Italy, there was also a barista who made fresh coffee. We ordered a white wine and a cappuccino.

Bar in der Piemonte Lounge Turin
Bar in the Piedmont Lounge Turin

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Review of the Piemonte Lounge Turin
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


Waiting in the Piemonte Lounge Turin was more pleasant than in the crowded rest of the airport building. The seating was good and the view of the apron was very nice. When it comes to service and the range of food and drinks, there is definitely some catching up to do.


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