Gardens by the Bay – a green oasis in Singapore

The Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore wants to be the greenest metropolis in the world. This interplay of clouds manage to scratch and nature, shows impressively, opened in 2012, Park, Gardens by the Bay.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome und Cloud Forest – Gardens by the Bay

Already in 1971, began in Singapore with the embankment work in the Marina Bay. In September 2006, after an international invitation to tender, got, finally, two architectural firms from England, the contract for your idea. On a part of the sea reclaimed from the genes of the country, in 2012 the 101-acre Park site Gardens by the Bay opened.

With our small tour bus, we arrived at the main entrance of the Park. This is located on the southeastern edge of the Gardens by the Bay. Here you also find the visitor centre, if you have any other required information and tips. You should plan to arrive with public transport, so you need to use the MRT Bayfront stop. This is located below the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The central point of the park is the Supertree Grove (dt. Tree group). Around a variety of gardens are created. So we walked around once in a clockwise direction and crossed, for example, the Chinese, Indian or Malaysian garden. Everything is beautifully designed and the variety of exotic flowers and trees in the Park are unique. Overall, we spent about an hour in to the different gardens. For those in need Gardens by the Bay no admission will be paid. A price of admission is only houses for the two large greenhouses and the OCBC Skyway in the Supertree Grove required.

Gardens by the Bay – Supertree Grove

The artificial trees are the center of the park Gardens by the Bay. The steel and concrete structures “grow” up to 50 meters in height and are planted with various species of plants. But not only visually, this group of trees is a Highlight. In them will be collected in addition to rain water, a solar system generates electricity and is a part of the cooling system for two greenhouses operated. The power generated is sufficient, for example, for the nightly light show “Garden Rhapsody” (daily 19:45 & 20:45 PM).

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove

In the 22 meters in height, the OCBC Skyway a kind of walkway installed. This is open from 9 am to 21 PM and costs 8 SGD (about 5 EUR). Of the 128-metre-long walk-in the way you should have a great panorama of the prudence of the entire Area. It should be noted, however, that only a limited number of persons, the steel is allowed to enter the rope construction. To peak times, such as during our visit, so expect longer waiting times. In the crown of the highest super tree is also available with the IndoChine Bar and Restaurant. For more information, such as opening Hours and offers you can find on the web page.

Gardens by the Bay – Flower Dome

My first impression, when Entering the Flower Domethat was the pleasant and cool temperature inside. This is always between 23° – 25°C and is thus nearly ten degrees below the outside temperature. This constant temperature range, it is important that the over 120 million different plants can grow under optimum conditions. So much of the plant comes from Italy, Spain, South Africa or California. In the middle part, the 1.2-hectare Flower Domeheld every three months and a changing display. During my last visit in July of 2016, here orchids were presented in all colors and shapes. The diversity was really unique. However, one should not expect, as Europeans, so a lot of “New”. The plant selection was made more for the audience from the Asia/tropical room.

Even if you are not interested so much for plants, we recommend a visit to the Conservatory from the architectural point of view. So was the Flower Dome 2015 in the Guinness book of records as the world's largest greenhouse included. Breathtaking, when you consider that the panels outer skin made of steel and 3332 glass, without any load-bearing Support uses in the interior.

Gardens by the Bay – Cloud Forest

More spectacular, I felt personally Cloud Forest (dt. Fog forest). This is 0.8 hectares, slightly smaller than the Flower Dome, but the construction is not really uninteresting. Right at the entrance, I stood in front of a 35-Meter-high mountain from which a waterfall fell down. With a lift I drove then to the sixth floor. From there, it was only one flight of stairs to the “summit”. Down we went, over several suspension bridges, which meandered around the mountain. Around me I discover various plants, Ferns, or mosses. Impressive!

The price of admission for both greenhouses is 28 SGD (approximately 18 EUR). Are open daily from 9 am to 21 PM.

Satay by the Bay

Past the two large types of glass domes, a paved road took us directly along the Marina Bay. On our walk in the direction of the East, we came to a few metres Satay by the Bay over. In this pavilion, little stands with all sorts of different dishes are on offer. Overall, it resembles the old market hall Lau Pa Satonly Satay by the Bay much smaller.

Satay by the Bay

Satay by the Bay

We chose from the extensive range of delicious Satay skewers. They are available with chicken, beef or prawns – his choice, you can use any mix of. A slightly spicy peanut sauce and traditional accompaniments such as onions and cucumber served. The tasted have! In short, a visit to the pavilion Satay by the Bay and Satay skewers, we can recommend you during your trip to Singapore only. The opening Hours can be found on the official website.

Tips and information for Singapore

How to get there?

Singapore Airlines* Flies 24 times a week from Germany (Frankfurt 14x, 7x Munich & Dusseldorf 3x) nonstop to Singapore. The route from Dusseldorf is flown with the new Airbus A350. In addition, offers the Lufthansa* Daily direct connections from Frankfurt.

Where you stay well?

The selection of hotels in Singapore is huge, so there are only about forty five-star hotels. the luxurious The Ritz-Carlton Millenia (At Marina BayHotel review) Costs, for example, a room from 340 euros per night. But if you want to stay a bit cheaper, which is certainly about booking portals like Agoda* or* Find. Transit passengers Singapore Airlines* Can stay at the "Singapore Stopover Holiday" program from 28 euros per person in a double room (including airport transfers).

How to get around?

Singapore has a very well developed public transport network. The journey with the modern U-Bahn (MRT) or public bus service is cheap and reliable. Furthermore, a variety of Taxis in Singapore are available around the clock. Should be noted here that, in addition to the fare (by meter) the road to ERP – Electronic Road Pricing) toll (due. Rental cars are also available. We would, however, not only due to the left of traffic, discourage.

What do I need to enter?

For entry to Singapore are required as a German citizen, only a valid passport at least six months. Upon entry to obtain a residence permit for up to 90 days. Children need their own identity document. More information, especially to the strict customs regulations can be found also on the information side of the Foreign Office.

What about security?

Singapore is considered one of the safest cities in Asia. Finally, the city-state is consistently against crime of any kind, even the supposed "little things" such as throwing garbage in front. Furthermore, the usual precautions against petty crime must be observed.

Which guide Singapore can you recommend?

For the perfect city break in Singapore, we suggest you this guide*. Here you will find not only a detailed map of the city, but also a lot of information to all the major attractions.

Participation in the trip was supported by Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Tourism Board. At this point, once again, a heartfelt thanks for the cooperation and support. This contribution represents our independent opinion. For more information on independence can be found under the point cooperation.

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Assessment of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
  • Supertree Grove
  • OCBC Skyway
  • Flower Dome
  • Cloud Dome
  • Satay by the Bay


Overall, the Park Gardens by the Bay is definitely worth a visit! In the coming years, he will be even more beautiful and bigger. When all the trees and plants continue to be cared for so well, this is a real Paradise.


My name is Christian and I was born in the green heart of Germany and studied computer engineering in Ilmenau, Thuringia. Since 2012 I live with my wife Christin in Halle (Saale). When travelling I love flying, discovering good food and drink and spending the night in great hotels. I am a travel enthusiast and always looking for the next adventure. I have been reporting about my experiences on the road since 2007.

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  1. Tanja says:

    Hi, can you tell me how long it takes for Gardens by the bay? I would like to make in both Dome and a detailed walk through the Park. 1 full day is too much?

    • Christian says:

      Hi Tanja,
      so that depends strongly of the waiting times in front of the Dome’s. At the time of the visit, I would schedule per Dome for about 45 – 60 minutes. A total of half a day should be sufficient.
      Greetings and much fun in Singapore!

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