Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle

Sitzbereich mit Ledercouch

The Lufthansa Group flies more than 20 times a day from Leipzig/Halle Airport to destinations in Germany and Europe. So it goes without saying that there is also a Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle. On my way to Munich I found this completely renovated and would like to present it briefly in this lounge review.

Where is the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle located?

After the security check, go up the stairs to the right into the main departure hall and immediately turn right again. You are already standing in front of the entrance to the Lufthansa Senator and Business Lounge. At the friendly reception, the boarding pass is scanned and the “wheat from the chaff” is separated. The guests of the Lufthansa Business Lounge have to turn left and the Lufthansa Senators or Star Alliance Gold customers can turn right.

Who has access to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle?

Every passenger who has a Lufthansa Senator or comparable Star Alliance Gold frequent flyer status has access to the lounge. In addition, guests with a valid Star Alliance First Class ticket departing from Leipzig have access to the lounge. Eligible passengers may also take one guest with them.

Eingang zur Lufthansa Business und Senator Lounge am Flughafen Leipzig/Halle
Entrance to the Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge at Leipzig/Halle Airport

How is the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle equipped?

The seating area in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Leipzig Airport is only half the size of that in the Business Lounge because potentially less capacity is required. The facility is based on the new design. Earth tones determine the color scheme and ensure a relaxed, exclusive ambience. The modernization was also absolutely necessary, since until recently the heavy dark blue furniture from the penultimate design line was still standing here. After the buffet follows a high table with six bar stools. This space is great for eating and working. For the latter, two sockets are also available on the wall.

Sitzbereich in der Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle
Seating area in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle

To the rear of the lounge there are two seating areas with comfortable leather chairs and sofas. Here, too, brown and ocher tones dominate. The individual seating options are separated by artificial plants and small tables. There is also a separate work area. But it was occupied during my visit, so unfortunately I don't have a photo of it.

Sitzbereich mit Ledercouch
Seating area with leather couch

What is there to eat and drink in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle?

In short, the range of dishes in the Senator Lounge is clear. There are hot Viennese and cooled slices of meat loaf. Various salads, gherkins, olives and cheese are also available. Shortly after my arrival in the lounge there was also a goulash soup.


The selection of drinks corresponds to the usual standard in the Lufthansa lounges. There is 12-year-old Highland Park whiskey, various fruit brandies or Jägermeister. As a nice local touch, I think they also offer sparkling wine from Rotkappchen. Non-alcoholic drinks include juices from albi, the typical soft drinks from the Coca Cola group and ginger ale and tonic water from Goldberg. Of course, there is also a fully automatic coffee machine from WMF for all caffeine lovers.

Bar in der Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig
Bar in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig

Update (08/25/2021): Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig closed

Unfortunately, Lufthansa has decided to no longer operate the lounge in Leipzig. There is currently no alternative for status customers at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

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Rating of the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Leipzig/Halle
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


The Lufthansa Senator Lounge was recently renovated and adapted to Lufthansa's current design. A clear improvement! The range of food and drinks is okay. There are usually enough seating options. On my flight on Friday evening, however, one or the other senator unfortunately had to stand. I find it negative that the lounge has to be left to go to the toilet.


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