NYC: Museen (Bodies, American National History Museum & Madame Tussauds)

American Museum of Natural History

New York City, Donnerstag der 31. März und das Wetter ist bescheiden. Schon am Vorabend beschlossen wir einige der im New York Pass inkludierten Museen zu besuchen. Vorher begab ich mich mit der Hoffnung, endlich ein iPad 2 zu bekommen, zum Apple Store nach SoHo. Dort kam ich kurz vor der Ladenöffnung um 9 Uhr an und es standen schon so ungefähr 10 Leute davor. Leider gab es nur noch Modelle welche mit Verizon funktionieren. Also kein Erfolg! Ein Mitarbeiter meinte man sollte sich so zwischen 6-7 Uhr in die Schlange stellen um ein iPad mit Wifi zu ergattern. Wobei da auch keine 100% Chance besteht. Das alles ist es mir aber in meinem Urlaub und bei Nieselregen mit Temperaturen um die 0 Grad nicht Wert.


BODIES - The Exhibition
BODIES – The Exhibition

We started our museum day with the exhibition “Bodies”. Here, near Pier 17, people were explained using original models, similar to Body Worlds. The detailed look at the skeleton, muscles or individual organs was really interesting. The exhibits were also shocking, such as a lung that was riddled with tumors or cancer. In any case, I can recommend this exhibition. Except for the section with the embryos, there is nothing disgusting about it in any way. You should plan about an hour for a visit.

Subway Station am American Museum of Natural History
Subway Station am American Museum of Natural History

American National History Museum

After burritos and tacos for lunch, we took the subway to the Upper Westside to the American National History Museum. This massive natural history museum is spread over five floors and is located right next to the Rose Center for Earth and Space. It took us about three hours to see the entire museum. Exhibited include animals from all continents and oceans, a wide variety of world cultures and dinosaur skeletons. Among other things, the largest dinosaur found, the “Sauropods Astound”, is an exhibit here.

Madame Tussauds

In the late afternoon we drove back to Times Square to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum. To be honest, I was very disappointed with this. Some of the characters were really poorly portrayed and we had a hard time even recognizing what they were. In addition, the cabinet is very small. I think we were done again in 30 minutes. Luckily the entrance fee was included in the New York Pass, otherwise it would have been a real waste of money.


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