Langkawi Beaches

Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)

There are several beaches on Langkawi, mostly located in the south, west and north of the island. Although many hotels are partly laid out right down to the beach, every beach is public by law. In the following article we show you the most beautiful beaches on Langkawi.


Cenang Beach – Cenang Beach

The Pantai Cenang beach is about 2.5 km long, the largest and most extensive on the island. Located right next to the main shopping street of Cenang, you will meet many locals and tourists here. All water sports activities are offered on the beach, such as water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing and canoes. There is a lot of hustle and bustle here and it will be difficult to find a quiet corner. Nevertheless, with its offshore islands, it is really beautiful at sunset.

Pantai Cenang bei Sonnenuntergang
Cenang bei Sonnenuntergang Beach

Cape Rhu Strand

Located in northern Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It extends over a length of around 1.5 kilometers and offers an excellent view of the offshore rocky islands, which are particularly beautiful and romantic to look at at sunset. The first part of the beach is located directly on Jalan Tanjung Rhu street and is accessible to the public. As on so many beaches, all kinds of water sports are offered here. Further north are two of Langkawi's most upscale and expensive hotels, the Tanjung Rhu Resort and the Four Seasons Resort. We drove past the Four Seasons until the road forked shortly after. Guards and a barrier could be seen on both streets about 200 m away. This appeared to be the entrance to the Tanjung Rhu Resort of the same name. Here we didn't get on so easily and turned around resignedly. On the way back we wondered if we could have just driven past the guards if we had said we wanted to go to the beach. Well, too time. ;)

Our tip is to just try it out! Because the part of the beach that we saw at the beginning was beautiful. You had a great view of the small islands off the coast! How dreamlike does the beach directly at the hotel have to be?!

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam) is located in northwestern Langkawi. This dark sand beach isn't quite as black as one might expect from the name. Due to minerals, which come from a black granite that has been broken down by erosion, the beach appears dark to black. Based on the descriptions and pictures on the internet, we imagined a slightly larger beach. Nevertheless, it is really very idyllically situated and absolutely worth seeing. As at many excursion destinations, there are also stalls here ... just walk past and then down the few steps to the beach.

Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)
Black Sand Beach
Muschel am Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)
Muschel am Black Sand Beach

The way back to the hotel then led us through the interior of the country - the small houses left and right, palm trees everywhere, in the background the mountains covered with jungle and cows or water buffalos on the roadside. Here it seems as if time has stood still. Only occasionally do you see a flat screen flickering in the hut and realize it's 2015.

Datai Beach

One morning we decided to drive along the Jalan Datai road in northern Langkawi to Datai Beach. There are also a few earth caches along the route that we wanted to collect.

Sandy Skulls Beach

We made our first stop at Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, a beautiful small sandy beach. Since this beach is quite unknown and a bit remote, many locals come here to swim and you will only meet a few tourists. On this side of the island the water is much clearer, as you know from the beautiful photos. Translated, this beach is called “Sandy Skulls Beach” because the Thai island that you can see from here was a prison island. According to legend, refugees died in the open sea and their bones were washed up here. But that's probably more of a legend and if it was supposed to be true, it was an eternity ago. We found the beach just heavenly!

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak
Skull Sand Beach

Temurun Waterfall Recreational Forest

Our next stop was the Hutan Lipur Air Terjun Temurun, Langkawi's highest waterfall at 200m. Since we were on vacation in the dry season, only a small trickle came down from the rock. Even the pools under the waterfall were hardly filled. Pity! But the mosquitoes were all the more active. The short walk from the parking lot is still worthwhile, however, as this huge rock face in the middle of the jungle is very impressive even without falling water. Shortly before the uppermost pool, a horde of monkeys besieged the path, but they didn't let themselves be disturbed while they were sniffing. We were a bit concerned about whether they wouldn't collect tolls. But luck was on our side and we were allowed to pass. ;)

Langkawi Falls

Right after the parking lot for the Air Terjun Temurun waterfall, we drove through a tunnel that looked like it was carved in stone. I immediately said it wasn't real. Christian, on the other hand, had a different opinion. On the way back we stopped briefly and jammed quite well: everything was hollow! Nothing with real stone! On the Internet we found out afterwards both the name, Langkawi Falls, and based on photos that water is supposed to flow down here. What a circus held here, right next to a real waterfall. In our opinion, clearly an investment at the wrong end!

Langkawi Falls
Langkawi Falls

Then we drove through a huge golf course, with a view of the jungle and the sea. Pure luxury! The road led past The Andaman Hotel to The Datai Hotel. Unfortunately, everything is closed here and you can't even get to the beach. Pity! The street itself ends a bit further at a private property with a large gate and police in front of it. Who might live here? So it was easy for us to go back. The drive through the jungle is really great and worthwhile. There are also other beautiful beaches to stop at along the route.

On the way back, the sky was getting darker and a thunderstorm could be heard in the distance. We actually wanted to make one last Earthcache, but the storm prevented us from doing so. It stormed and rained, we didn't stand a chance. The water came in buckets onto the windshield. Our already bad wipers were completely overwhelmed! So let's go to Cenang for dinner. When we got there it was all over!

Which travel guide do you recommend for Langkawi?

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