SWISS Airbus A320-200 Economy Class, Berlin to Zurich

SWISS A320-200 (Registrierung HB-JLP) am Gate A11

We started our journey to Singapore with a train ride from Halle (Saale) to Berlin. The travel time with the ICE is just 1:16 hour, although it must be said to be fair that the bus (line TXL) from Berlin Central Station to Tegel Airport is added to this. The bottom line was that we were just as fast as by car, but the journey was more relaxed and if you consider the high parking fees, even a lot cheaper. For our flight to Singapore we had decided again for SWISS decided and therefore had to change trains in Zurich.

Berliner Hauptbahnhof
Berlin Central Station

Lufthansa Senator Lounge (Berlin-Tegel)

I heard from stories that currywurst is also served in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. We've been here a number of times, most recently on ours a few weeks ago way to Athens, and we never succeeded. This time I was really looking forward to a Berlin currywurst, but unfortunately I was repeatedly disappointed.

Eingang zur Business und Senator Lounge am Flughafen Berlin-Tegel
Entrance to the Business and Senator Lounge at Berlin-Tegel Airport

Since it was already lunchtime, we looked at what was on offer at the cold and warm buffet. We opted for a variation of Munich potato salad, Italian pasta salad, Berlin meatballs and a mixed salad with American dressing. In addition a Pinot Gris and a water.

The lounge was initially pleasantly empty and we spent the time with a few long drinks and I tried to finish a blog post from the previous trip. In between we were offered a strawberry, banana and pineapple smoothie, which we gratefully accepted. For a second round of smoothies, I chose a green colored drink. Here the main ingredients were spinach and banana.

As early as 1:30 p.m., 1:20 a.m. before departure, a delay of 30 minutes was announced for our flight. Loud it will probably be even later, because at 1:50 p.m. the plane had just started in Zurich.

Maschine ist unterwegs (Quelle:
Machine is on the way (Source:

At the scheduled departure time of our flight LX 967 at 2:50 p.m., LX 966 from Zurich had just landed. So shortly after 3 p.m. we slowly headed towards Gate A11. The lounge was noticeably fuller as they left.
We could have saved ourselves the early exit from the lounge. Because of the bad weather, wind peaks around 55 knots, the machine may not be loaded or unloaded. This is prohibited by law. So we decided to go back to the lounge. At reception we asked the clerk for a loudspeaker announcement when our flight LX 967 was ready for boarding.

Abflug verzögert sich
Departure is delayed

Unfortunately, this didn't really work, although the employee at the gate probably didn't contact the lounge because we were the last to board at around 4 p.m. The security staff at the identity check was already making their stupid remarks: "... stay in the lounge until the end and don't wait normally!". I faced it with a smile and thought my part.

SWISS A320-200 (Registrierung HB-JLP) am Gate A11
SWISS A320-200 (registration HB-JLP) at gate A11

Flight SWISS LX 967 to Zurich

The A320-200 (registration HB-JLP) was completely full. Our seats on 9D and F were already occupied by other passengers who had changed their minds idiosyncratically. Unfortunately, after we had stowed our hand luggage and our seats were free, it still didn't start. All ground activities were stopped again and the wind was already rocking the Airbus on the ground.

At 6 p.m. there was finally the redeeming message that loading was finally complete. But we had to wait another 5 - 8 minutes before we were allowed to leave the gate. The flight time was announced as 1:15 hours. At 18:20 we finally took off from runway 26L. As expected, it got very bumpy after the westbound start. The cabin master also announced right away that no hot drinks would be served today for safety reasons. But once we got through the dense band of clouds, it finally got sunny again and the turbulence stopped.
As we flew over our hometown of Halle (Saale), the crew began the service. Today on this one-hour flight there was a puff pastry pocket filled with cherry mousse.

gefüllte Blätterteigtasche mit Kirschmus
filled puff pastry pocket with cherry mousse

The captain reported shortly before the overflight from Stuttgart and announced that he would land in Zurich in the next 25 minutes. The weather in Zurich again promised a turbulent landing. The captain then informed us that we were the only plane taking off from Tegel that had also loaded the passengers' luggage. We were delighted, otherwise we would have been pretty lost in Singapore.

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Fortunately, the landing was less bumpy than the start in Berlin-Tegel. At 19:29 we arrived at Gate A81, three hours late.


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