NYC: Midtown (Central Park, 5th Avenue, Top of the Rock)

Empire State Building - "Top of the Rock"

Nach dem Check-In imRamada – Long Island Cityging es mit der Subway nach Manhattan (Midtown).

Ausblick aus unserem Hotelzimmer
Ausblick aus unserem Hotelzimmer

Burger bei brgr

Unser erstes Ziel wurde durch ein tiefes Hungergefühl festgelegt. Es ging zu einem der besten Burger Restaurants New York Citys – dem “brgr” (1026th 3rd Avenue). Die Burger sind zwar nicht wirklich groß, aber mit sehr leckerem Beef (100% grass-feed beef) belegt. Dazu gab es Russet Potato Fries – sehr knackig und frisch geschnitten!


Central Park

After dinner we headed towards Central Park and 5th Avenue. From East Dr. and the beautifully artificial lake “The Pond” we had a great view of the Plaza Hotel of the 59th Street skyline. The ice rink was still in operation.

Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
Blick auf den See "Pond" mit Central Park West im Hintergrund
View of the Pond with Central Park West in the background

Apple Store an der 5th Avenue

We exited Central Park via East Drive and came straight to the 5th street corner. Avenue / 59th St. Here is the "Mecca" for all Apple fans: The Headquarter Store! Apple presents and sells its products here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The glass cube is just the entrance to the store, which is underground. However, due to its popularity, it is always quite crowded there. If you are serious about buying a product, you should go to another store in New York. At least I got my hands on an iPad2 and was able to familiarize myself with the innovations. Unfortunately, all models were sold out.

Apple Store 5th Avenue
Apple Store 5th Avenue

Rockefeller Center

After half an hour of "Apple play time" we walked along 5th Ave. to Rockefeller Center. This centrally located building complex consists of 21 high-rise buildings and extends over three blocks. With a height of 259 meters and 70 floors, the General Electric Building is the tallest building in Rockefeller Center and also the tenth tallest in New York. The Top of the Rock viewing platform is also located here. The elevator is equipped with a semi-transparent cover on which a film is shown. Each floor is identified by blue LEDs in the shaft. This creates a nice “tunnel effect” and you realize the speed of the elevator. The viewing platform extends over 3 floors (67th, 69th and 70th) and offers a unique 360° "all-round view". The top one is best for photos as it offers an uninterrupted view of the city. Admission to “Top of the Rock” was included in the New York Pass.

Times Square

Just before nightfall we went to Times Square. Even if all the billboards look very impressive, we decided to come back after dark in the next few days.

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Times Square (Zeitraffer)
Times Square (Time Lapse)
Ausblick aus unserem Hotelzimmer bei Nacht
View from our hotel room at night


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