Olympic National Park

grüßendes Eichhörnchen

Today the alarm went off very early, 6:30am! Because we were going to Olympic National Park. A quick breakfast and off we went west. Just past Tacoma, my phone started vibrating and making strange noises. At first we didn't even know where it came from, until we noticed it. On the home screen there was a message about child abduction and you should watch out for the following car with the license plate something like that. It's really crazy that this is how they work with the public. On the one hand, very good because the perpetrator can be caught more quickly, but on the other hand, there is also potential for false reports and inappropriate vigilantism. You can see it however you like, in any case this great gimmick is only available for Android, the iPhone didn't work.

Hurrican Ridge – Olympic National Park

After about 2 1/2 hours drive we arrived in Port Angeles. This is where the national park begins. Our first destination was Hurricane Ridge. After a short visit to the visitor center, we drove the 17 miles up the mountain to 1598 m. On the way we stopped at viewpoints and completed a few more caches, among other things. Once at the top, we went on a short hike to Sunrise Point. From here you have a great view of the coast and in the distance we could even see Mt. Rainer. There seem to be ski and snowboard slopes up here in winter too, at least we found a small drag lift. We strongly doubt whether it is really still in use. On the way back to the car we met a group of deer. These were so tame that they would not be disturbed at all while grazing. So we took as many photos as possible and then they went further over the next hilltop and disappeared.

Crescent Lake – Olympic National Park

Next we drove to the Hoh Rain Forest. Here we had another 3 hours drive ahead of us. It passed the 200 meter deep Crescent Lake with its crystal clear water, which arose from a former glacier. Actually nothing else than the mountain lakes in the Alps.

Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake
Weg in den Hoh Rain Forest
Path into the Hoh Rain Forest

Hoh Rain Forest – Olympic National Park

Arriving at the Hoh Rain Forest, we chose a smaller trail due to time constraints. So it became the Hall of Mosses Trail, about 3/4 miles long. This loop leads through the deep rainforest past clear streams and huge trees covered with moss. It looks downright spooky when the moss hangs from the trees and bushes like gossamer. However, it is very cuddly soft!

When we arrived at the Hall of Mosses, a couple ran towards us very excited and said we should be quiet, because there was a huge moose behind. So get your camera ready and off we go to the moose, we can always have a look at the Hall afterwards. Well camouflaged, the elk found a place to graze and rest in the bushes. If it hadn't been shown to us, we probably would have walked past it. But that's what he really wants, not to be discovered. He also had an ass rest away. At some point he lay down and you hardly saw him anymore.

Eingang zur Hall of Mosses
Entrance to the Hall of Mosses

So we looked at the Hall of Mosses, which is actually why we were here. This beautiful place, with old huge mossy oaks, was like in a dream. The sun shone through the leaves and the light shimmered as if we had stepped into a fairytale world. I wouldn't have been surprised if elves had appeared somewhere. ;)

Hall of Mosses
Hall of Mosses

This small trail is definitely worth it and is not that far for children either! Since it was a loop, we kept walking and didn't have to walk back. Now it was getting a little dark and huge ferns lay along the way. Some of the trees looked like mangroves because their roots protruded very far from the earth. What we found great is that the forest is left as it is now, if a tree falls over, it stays where it is, this is still "untouched" nature, except for the small hiking trail.

Ruby Beach – Olympic National Park

Then we continued towards the coast: Ruby Beach was our destination. The coast at Olympic National Park is really awesome. Here on the beach a small river flows into the Pacific. Pure idyll. Especially at sunset. Thousands of photo opportunities and romance, romance, romance! I always find all that driftwood lying around really great. It's a shame it's so big, otherwise I would have packed something.

When we started back towards the hotel we saw the sunset through the trees on the beach so we stopped for a second and headed towards the coast and there it was, the most romantic sunset ever. Wow beautiful!

Sonnenuntergang im Olympic National Park
Sunset in Olympic National Park

So now let's get back to the hotel. Another 3 hours drive through the evening and the darkness. Our GPS led us really funny, through streets covered in fog in the wasteland. Hardly any houses and even less traffic. It was a bit like a horror movie. After a short stop in Olympia, due to time constraints at the big yellow M, we had a really bad dinner. The level simply cannot be compared to Germany. On the other hand, it's like being in a restaurant here. When we got to the hotel we just fell into bed.

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Finally, one has to honestly say that the Olympic National Park should actually be done in 3 stages in 3 days. We have summarized everything here as concisely as possible and only seen a small part.


Hallo, ich bin Christin und bin im zauberhaften Merseburg aufgewachsen. Während meines Studiums in Erfurt lernte ich meinen heutigen Mann Christian kennen und wir zogen gemeinsam nach Halle. Mit unserer kleinen Familie wohnen wir nun wieder in meinem ursprünglichen Heimatort. Durch meinen Beruf als Architektin bin ich immer interessiert an Orten mit spannender Geschichte und großartiger Architektur. Schon während meines Studiums war ich oft unterwegs, doch die große Reiseleidenschaft ist erst von meinem Mann auf mich übergeschwappt. Mein Motto: "Der Weg ist das Ziel!" Ein entspannter Urlaub beginnt für uns nämlich schon am Flughafen ... in der Lounge. :-)

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