Eingang zur Lufthansa Senator Lounge Newark
Entrance to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Newark

Lufthansa Senator Lounge Newark

The Lufthansa Senator Lounge Newark is one of two Lufthansa lounges. Before my return flight to Copenhagen with SAS, I used the time at the airport to visit the lounge.

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Tables in the restaurant area

SAS Lounge Newark

The Scandinavian airline SAS operates its own lounges at various airports in the USA. On our way back from a short trip to New York City, we visited the SAS Lounge Newark before the late afternoon rush of visitors. In this lounge review, I'll share my experiences and impressions of the amenities and food and beverage offerings, and whether it's worth a visit.

Eingang zu den Lufthansa Lounges Hamburg
Entrance to the Lufthansa Lounges Hamburg

Lufthansa Senator Lounge Hamburg

The Lufthansa Senator Lounge Hamburg is one of two Lufthansa lounges at the airport of the Hanseatic city. Due to a trip to New York (via Copenhagen with SAS) I flew from Hamburg for the first time and accordingly also visited the lounge. In this lounge review, I will share my experiences and impressions of the facilities, the range of food and drinks and reveal what absolute highlight the lounge has to offer.