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The Scandinavian airline SAS operates its own lounges at various airports in the USA. On our way back from a short trip to New York City, we visited the SAS Lounge Newark before the late afternoon rush of visitors. In this lounge review, I'll share my experiences and impressions of the amenities and food and beverage offerings, and whether it's worth a visit.

Where is the SAS Lounge Newark located?

The SAS Lounge Newark is located in Terminal B at Newark Airport in gate area 60-68. In this case, the information about the gates is actually very important, because the security check at Newark Airport is in front of each gate area and not as usual at the beginning of the terminal. Gates 60-68 are used by all Star Alliance partners except United Airlines and Air Canada. After security, the entrance to the SAS Lounge is on the left side of the aisle.

Who has access to the SAS Lounge Newark?

This lounge is operated by SAS itself and is primarily available to its own premium class passengers, including SAS Business and SAS Plus passengers. These passengers are also allowed to use the lounge regardless of their frequent flyer status. Travelers with Star Alliance Gold status or a high status in the SAS frequent flyer program "EuroBonus" can use the lounge before departure and also bring a guest booked on the same flight. Thanks to the cooperation with American Express, holders of the American Express Platinum Card are also entitled to use the lounge. According to a notice at the entrance to the lounge, Emirates Airline passengers may also use the lounge.

Due to the many access options, it can happen that the lounge is very busy at peak times and access is restricted in case of doubt. This has happened to me before at the SAS Lounge Chicago.

How is the SAS Lounge Newark equipped?

When entering the SAS Lounge Newark, I immediately noticed the very beautiful and typically Scandinavian design. The lounge has several areas with comfortable seating, giving passengers ample space to relax and unwind before their flight. The restaurant area is located directly after the entrance. There are round and long tables with not-so-comfortable black metal chairs without real backrests. As a special highlight I found that in the middle of each table there were different dipping sauces and condiments.

Tische im Restaurantbereich
Tables in the restaurant area

After the restaurant area comes the actual lounge area with comfortable upholstered armchairs and small stools. To the rear of the lounge is a quieter seating area with upholstered armchairs, sofas and high chairs. There is also a telephone room and a small office where you can work undisturbed. Almost all seating areas have power outlets, and free high-speed Wi-Fi is also available. Incidentally, the view of the apron is only possible to a limited extent, since the lounge is surrounded by a corridor, which the arriving passengers walk along.

What is there to eat and drink at SAS Lounge Newark?

We visited the SAS Lounge Newark in the early afternoon. The food buffet consisted of two buffet islands. On the left island there were cold cuts, cheese, various cheese preparations and vegetables as a kind of salad bar. The right buffet island had fries, biscuits, rolls and a hot plate for the only hot dish in the lounge. According to the little sign, there should be a lasagna today. Unfortunately the container was empty. Overall, the offer is a bit sparser, but comparable to the SAS lounges in Copenhagen (Lounge Review) or Stockholm (Lounge Review).

The range of drinks was comparatively better in the SAS lounge. The non-alcoholic drinks included the usual soft drinks, but also water with fresh cucumbers or oranges, juices and coffee from the fully automatic machine. The liquor selection consisted of basic spirits, wine and two local beers on tap.

The staff in the SAS Lounge Newark was very friendly and the tables in the restaurant area were quickly cleared and cleaned. However, we were also in the lounge at a very quiet time so there was generally little for the staff to do.

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Review of the SAS Lounge Newark
  • Food
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  • Service
  • Seating
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  • Cleanliness


The SAS Lounge Newark has good facilities and a very attractive design. However, the range of dishes is more in the lower midfield and cannot be made up for by the more extensive selection of drinks.


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