SAS Gold Lounge Oslo

Eingang zur SAS Gold Lounge Oslo

With the SAS Gold Lounge Oslo, SAS Scandinavian Airlines has created a space to work, relax and enjoy while travelling. You can find out how we liked our stay in the Lounge Review.

Where is the SAS Gold Lounge Oslo located?

The SAS lounges are on the way towards the E gates. During our stay in January 2017, a lot was being rebuilt at Oslo Airport, so we had to make our way through the site fences covered with landscape motifs. Then either an elevator or a staircase leads to the 3rd floor, where the entrances to the lounges are located.

Flughafen Oslo (Gardermoen)
Oslo Airport (Gardermoen)

We first got to the SAS Business Lounge via the automatic admission check and then through another check to the SAS Gold Lounge. The frequent flyer card and the flight ticket were required for entry. As I was traveling with my wife, after my Star Alliance Gold frequent flyer card and boarding pass were accepted, I then had to swipe her ticket over the scanner for the door to open.

Eingang zur SAS Gold Lounge Oslo
Entrance to SAS Gold Lounge Oslo

Who has access to the SAS Gold Lounge Oslo?

You get free access to the SAS Lounge as a passenger in SAS Plus or SAS Business Class. In addition, EuroBonus Diamond or Star Alliance Gold members are eligible.

How is the SAS Gold Lounge Oslo equipped?

Adapted to the worldwide SAS lounges, we also found the Scandinavian design here. The SAS Gold Lounge Oslo had several different sized seating areas. These were separated by various types of erection walls. There was also a varied mix of armchairs, which were mainly upholstered in blue, gray or black fabric. In the rear area of ​​the lounge there were also three relaxation loungers available.

In the entrance and at the same time dining area there was a large round table and a seating area with several small tables and at least two chairs each. In addition, there were two longer counters, one in the front and one in the back of the lounge. There was also a socket for each seat. Of course, sockets were also distributed in the seating groups, but only to a limited extent.

There were also two separate offices, printers and copiers at the back of the lounge. We particularly liked the three small cabins with armchairs and glass doors. This way, you won't be disturbed by loud phone calls in the lounge and business secrets can also be discussed discreetly.

What is there to eat and drink at SAS Gold Lounge Oslo?

A cold buffet lunch was offered during our stay. It consisted of salads, lots of vegetables and fruit, fish, a large selection of bread, cheese, crackers and chips. The only warm offer was a goulash soup.

Buffet in der SAS Gold Lounge Oslo
Buffet in der SAS Gold Lounge Oslo

The selection of drinks is quickly summarized: beer, wine (rose, white), sparkling wine, a clear selection of spirits, a drinks machine for cola or water and a fully automatic coffee machine. I grabbed a non-alcoholic Munkholm beer from Oslo and found it quite good.

Getränkeangebot an Weinen und Bier
Beverage range of wines and beer

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Review of the SAS Gold Lounge Oslo
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


Wer sich in einem IKEA wohlfühlt, wird sich in der SAS Gold Lounge Oslo schnell heimisch fühlen. Warme, gedeckte Farben, ein ansprechendes Ambiente und ein solides Angebot an Speisen & Getränken macht diese Lounge zu einem schönen Ausgangspunkt für eine Reise.


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