SWISS Lounge am Flughafen Chicago (O’Hare)

The SWISS Lounge at the airport in Chicago (O'hare) was renovated in the year 2011 fresh. Have access to members of the HON Circle, Miles & More senators, Star Alliance Gold customers, Miles & More, Frequent Traveller, First and Business Class passengers. Whether it is worth the trip in the Lounge, you can find out in this Review.

Entrance to the SWISS Lounge at Chicago (O'Hare)

Entrance to the SWISS Lounge at Chicago (O'Hare)

The entrance to the SWISS Lounge at Chicago airport is located directly after the security checks and the Duty Free area. Just behind the reception is a small separate room and on the left is on the right, a gear with the Buffet. In addition, the rear part of the Lounge Seating area. The last renovation was in 2011, and the Lounge fits, finally, the global design concept of SWISS. I find the white Sandstone and the brown leather arm chair very suitable and noble alike.

SWISS Lounge at Chicago - seating area

In the rear part of the Lounge location with Seating area, armchairs, consists of several of the brown leather. These are separated by a side table with sockets and lamp from each other. In addition, there is the window still has a long table with some bar stools. From here you also have a view of the apron and the Gate. Overall, it can be used in a larger crowd, already a bit tight, because the Lounge is very large. Also, the free Wi-Fi was unfortunately a bit slow and we often had to fight with terminations of the connection.

SWISS Lounge at Chicago airport – range of food & beverages

The Buffet was neatly filled. It was offered with chicken Teriyaki and fried rice, a warm main course. There was a mixed salad with Mozzarella balls, and small Brownie Bites. The selection of food is clearly capable of expansion. In contrast, there were the drinks in addition to a variety of spirits, wine and soft drinks, a local Wheat Ale from the Goose Island Brewery in the offer. It turned out, however, that this was not at all my taste.

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Evaluation of the SWISS Lounge at Chicago airport
  • food
  • Drinks
  • Service
  • seating
  • Ambient
  • Cleanliness


The selection of food is clearly capable of expansion. In contrast, I was with the diversity of drinks happy. Very nice, I found that a local beer was offered. The Seating are comfortable and also, the Work is thanks to the power outlets and Wi-Fi.


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