New York sightseeing part 3

Manhattan Bridge

Tomorrow evening we're going back home and there are still a few items on our to-do list. After a short breakfast we dive back into the big city adventure of New York City. However, we clearly notice that today is Sunday. The trains run more irregularly and there are only a few people on the road.

Chinatown & Little Italy bei Tag

The first stop takes us to Chinatown and Little Italy. One thing is immediately noticeable when leaving the subway station - it smells like Beijing. :-) It was still quite early in the morning when the traders started setting up their fruit and vegetable stalls.

Just across Canal Street is the entrance to Little Italy. Amazing how fast you can wander between two worlds. We decide to visit the place again tonight, then everything will definitely be much livelier.

Off to Brooklyn

From yesterday we still have half a day credit at Citi Bike ( that we want to burn. We grab two bikes - next destination Brooklyn. The Citi Bike App conveniently also shows the streets with bike paths. It goes through China Town again and over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn. Now we can tick all three big bridges. At the foot of the Manhattan Bridge we find the nearest Citi Bike station and park the bikes. Everything seems very alternative here and reminds a little of Berlin Kreuzberg. There is a croissant and a café latte in a small café.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

As we walk towards the East River, we discover a small park. Brooklyn Bridge Park stretches along much of Brooklyn's shoreline. We let ourselves drift and follow the park to the south.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park

There is still construction and planting going on here and there, but what has already been completed is very successful and the view of Manhattan is unique. Continue through Brooklyn Heights to Borough Hall Station. We have to change trains at the Atlantic Terminal. When a Coldstone jumps at me there, there is a berry overload at noon :-)

Coney Island & Luna Park

A long train journey awaits. We take the Line Q out to Coney Island. When we reach Ocean Park, we disembark the train and walk along the beach. The sun is shining, but it is very windy. In the distance you can already see the roller coasters and rides from Luna Park. Somehow our fingers are itching and we buy access to two rides. The loopings were quite fun, unfortunately it was over far too quickly.

Before we make the return trip towards Queens Hotel line up, we pay another visit to Little Russia. Similar to Little Italy and China Town, it's funny to see how firmly a nationality has settled and established itself here. We walk up and down the main street, look in the shops here and there and take the next train to the hotel. We are exhausted and decide to take it easy in the afternoon. Finally, let's take another look at Little Italy and China Town at night.

Subway New York
Subway New York

Flatiron Building

With the New York Flat Iron Building, we are also missing a famous building. Conveniently, it's on our nightly drive to Chinatown. Even better, however, is the Shake Shack in neighboring Madison Square Park. The order is handed in at a small house, the food is eaten outdoors under radiant heaters and garlands. That's a great fast food finish and I'm sure it's even nicer in summer.

Little Italy & Chinatown bei Nacht

The train takes you a few stops to Chinatown. In the evening everything seems much livelier here. We walk roughly this morning's route and then it's back to ours Hotel.

Three full days of sightseeing are really exhausting, but we come home with many great impressions. Tomorrow morning we'll look at Century 21 ( an outlet in the middle of Manhattan. In the early afternoon we start our journey to the airport.

New York City Travel Guide

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