New York City: Manhattan Central Park

Ruderboote auf The Lake

This morning we took the Path back to Manhattan and continued on the subway to Columbus Circle. From here we started our big round in Central Park. Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to us today... it was very foggy and it was drizzling lightly. It shows how good the decision was to ride the Top of the Rocks yesterday.

Eichhörnchen im Central Park
Squirrels in Central Park

Strawberry Fields

There was also a marathon in the park this Sunday. But that didn't prevent us from strolling around, because we didn't want to use the big "main streets" anyway. We initially went to the Dakota Building where Yoko Ono lives. This is also where the attack on John Lennon took place. So next we went to the Imagine Monument Strawberry Fields. A very nice, quiet place. Really wonderful!

Bethesda Brunnen

We paused at the Bethesda Fountain and watched the small rowboats cruising across the green duckweed (duckweed) covered pond. I always thought that the pond was more romantic, but maybe it was because of the bad weather today.

Belvedere Castle

Then we walked through the man-made park to Belvedere Castle. What a cute little castle, with a great view over Central Park, if only the weather were better. ;)

Aussicht vom Belvedere Castle
View from Belvedere Castle

Guggenheim Museum

Then we go to the Guggenheim Museum. I was really looking forward to it because it's my architectural highlight ... unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. From the outside, the building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is awesome, but unfortunately I can't judge it from the inside! We only came to the Guggenheim Shop! The actual entrance to the museum was specially hung so that nobody could catch a glimpse. How mean!!!

Guggenheim Museum
Guggenheim Museum

So we walked along the park to the MET. Crowds of people stood in front of it, still and again. The entrance hall is really very beautiful. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go inside.
Then we went back into the park towards the Plaza Hotel, where “Kevin Alone in New York” is playing. We walked over numerous bridges and through many small underpasses. At some point you totally forget that you are still in the middle of New York! Just a pity that the weather was so bad today that you could hardly see the skyscrapers all around.

Zum Abschluss gab es heute ein super lecker Abendessen bei “Shake Shack” und danach fuhren wir wieder Richtung Hotel.

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