Boston: Cambridge and the Freedom Trail

Ufer des Charles Revers mit Blick zur Innenstadt

Our first night was already over at 5:30 am. Something like this happens when you fall into bed dead tired shortly after 9 p.m. I was already used to the bad breakfast of the motels in the USA. Accordingly, I didn't expect much, so I was even surprised to find fresh bananas and apples in the clear buffet. There were also fresh sweet waffles, toast and cornflakes. So we made our way to Boston earlier than originally planned.

So we used the time for a few geocaches along the way. We also passed a sports facility with a football field. Here, two children's teams were preparing for their game. We were watching the recording for a while when suddenly it started to rain. As the weather was getting worse and worse, we took refuge in the car and drove off towards Boston. Despite the bad weather, we got a good taste of the Indian summer along the interstate. When we arrived in Boston, to our surprise, it was warm and sunny.

Kinder Football
Children's Football

Boston – Harvard University

We started the first day in Boston in Cambridge at Harvard University. A really nice area here. Great family homes and small churches. Actually, there is nothing yet to indicate the big city very close by. We walked around the campus and walked past the famous teaching and administrative buildings. It's a study atmosphere that doesn't exist at our German universities. Or at least it's just different. Very cute were the squirrels everywhere. Of course, model photos were taken right away!

Boston – MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Afterwards we continued towards the city center and to the second campus, the MIT. A very modern university, with many different buildings. Not as old-fashioned as Harvard, but still beautiful. We went to the Maclaurin Building. The most famous old building of MIT. To get back to the car, we had to go through the building, so we did. It was open and we didn't stand out among the many students (after all, we had only just finished our studies ourselves). But this has to be emphasized again: it was Sunday and there was a lot going on! The labs were occupied, the corridors were full, so for me it only looked like this in the university during the week. I don't want to know what it looks like HERE during the week. We threw ourselves into the fray and felt like students again.

Boston – Bacon Hill and Freedom Trail

When we arrived at the car, we continued across the Charles River and were in the Bacon Hill area. One of Boston's more upscale residential neighborhoods. We chatted a bit and then headed to the Freedom Trail. After a few laps around Boston Common, we finally found a parking spot for ... lukewarm... Nothing... Nada... because it's Sunday. Man, we were lucky! We thought the parking fees were skyrocketing here. So we set off calmly. Our first destination was Massachusetts State House. We parked right in front of it, so our walk started from here. Unfortunately, Sunday got in our way, because it was closed today. Not bad, it was also great to look at from the outside.

Massachusetts State House
Massachusetts State House

We continued, always along the red cobblestone line, towards Park Street Church and right next to it Granary Burying Ground. Very impressive to find such an old cemetery in such a large modern city.

King's Chapel was unfortunately closed for a private event, so we went straight to the Old Corner Bookstore, which was fully scaffolded. We were really "lucky" with all the sights. ;) The Old State House is the old city hall of Boston with the scene of the massacre directly in front of it. A beautiful old house with great space surrounded by skyscrapers. Afterwards we went to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. The whole hustle and bustle reminded me a bit of the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Something to eat everywhere and everything you can imagine, on 2 floors.

Old State House in Boston
Old State House in Boston

As the day was slowly coming to an end, we decided to continue the rest of the trail tomorrow. On the way out of Boston to our hotel we had a Borito at Chipotle. Highly recommended!! Our hotel was theElement Lexington. What a hotel: super modern, clean and a huge room. Too bad for only the one night.

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Hallo, ich bin Christin und bin im zauberhaften Merseburg aufgewachsen. Während meines Studiums in Erfurt lernte ich meinen heutigen Mann Christian kennen und wir zogen gemeinsam nach Halle. Mit unserer kleinen Familie wohnen wir nun wieder in meinem ursprünglichen Heimatort. Durch meinen Beruf als Architektin bin ich immer interessiert an Orten mit spannender Geschichte und großartiger Architektur. Schon während meines Studiums war ich oft unterwegs, doch die große Reiseleidenschaft ist erst von meinem Mann auf mich übergeschwappt. Mein Motto: "Der Weg ist das Ziel!" Ein entspannter Urlaub beginnt für uns nämlich schon am Flughafen ... in der Lounge. :-)

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  1. Roland Böstro

    Your travelogue about the East Coast and Boston is really very interesting and personal. Since I also know Boston from my trip in 2010, I know what you wrote about. I was also totally impressed by this city and I think Boston is always worth a trip as it has its own charm.

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