Gardens by the Bay and “Wonderful” Light Show

Supertree Grove

We got off at the Marina Bay Sands subway station and wanted to cross the bridge from the hotel to the Gardens by the Bay. We just took one of the elevators up to the seventh floor and tried to get to the bridge, which somehow didn't work. At some point we noticed that you can't get to the bridge from the hotel, but only go through the hotel. You have to get onto the bridge from either the mall or outside of it.

Brücke zu Gardens by the Bay durch das Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Bridge to Gardens by the Bay through the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

In the beautifully designed garden there are very exotic flowers and trees, but unfortunately, apart from cats, there are no "wild animals" to be found. ;) The park is really great. On the river side are the two large “greenhouses” that can be seen from afar Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. However, the entrance fee was too expensive for us for the few plants and waterfall. Also, the queues in front of the cash registers were really long. I liked the two better from the outside anyway. One of Singapore's architectural highlights!

Satay by the Bay

So we walked between the “greenhouses” and came to an asphalt path that led directly along the bay. There was a lot going on here again. We had to be careful not to be run over by children on their bikes. On our walk we passed “Satay by the Bay”. A pavilion similar to Lau Pa Sat - only smaller. There were also various food options here and we now tried the highly praised satay skewers. These are really awesome. They are available with chicken, beef or king prawns. It is served with a spicy sesame sauce and the traditional side dishes of onions and zucchini. We can only recommend these!!! Really… you have to eat this!

Supertree Grove – Gardens by the Bay

In the beautiful sunset we walked back towards Marina Bay Sands and arrived on the same day Supertree Grove over. These steel trees “grow” into the sky and are covered in flowers and plants. In a few years they will be so overgrown that they will look even more beautiful. There is a café on one of the trees and also a treetop walk, which unfortunately is not yet in the treetops.

Supertree Grove
Supertree Grove

Overall, Gardens by the Bay Park is beautiful and will only get more beautiful and larger in the years to come. If all trees and plants continue to be looked after so well, this will be paradise on earth.

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

UPDATE (August 25, 2016): Want to learn more about Gardens by the Bay? Or would you like to know what the Flower Dome looks like? Then take a look at our latest one Post an.

Light show “Wonderful”

When we arrived at Marina Bay Sands, we walked around the mall for a bit until the “Wonderfull” light show started. You really have to be early to get a seat or you can be as bold as we were and just go to the front of the row. We had a great view of the spectacular show. But somehow it's just a kind of PowerPoint, on a screen, where the screen is a mist of water. I personally liked the water show in Dubai better and Christian thinks the one at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is the best. Nevertheless, the show is nice to watch and highly recommended. I really liked the lasers from Marina Bay Sands in the background. The show “Wonderfull” takes place daily at 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., and again at 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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We then took bus number 36 back to the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. Since one drove away right under our noses, we had to wait an eternity for the next bus.

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