What to do in Vancouver on a rainy day?


Our night ended early, the jet lag had caught us a bit. The first thing to do was to turn on the TV and see what the day in Vancouver is supposed to bring in terms of the weather... hmmm... rain. Oh, it won't be that bad. A quick bite to eat and then it was off to the lobby to rent bikes and then explore the sights of Vancouver in the rain.

Vancouver – Canada Place

We now went through the city on well-developed cycle paths. It was really unusual for a big city, but really great. The weather was pretty good at first, but shortly before Canada Place, which was our first sight, it started to rain. A large cruise ship was also anchored at Canada Place, which we were able to examine well up close. From here you also had a good view of the seaplanes taking off and landing. Despite the bad weather, there was a lot of air traffic. What really amazed us was that there were no accidents with the boats and ships in the bay. Then we noticed something funny: a gas station on the water that looks like a car gas station, even if it is for boats or planes.

Vancouver – Stanley Park

On the way to Stanley Park the rain got heavier and we had to turn around just before the entrance. To warm up, we stopped at a Starbucks at the old coal port. We had to warm up somehow. Unfortunately, despite waiting almost an hour, the rain didn't stop. We felt more like he was getting stronger, so we grabbed our bikes and headed back to the hotel as fast as we could.

Vancouver – Gastown

After a warm shower and drying clothes we just waited for the end of the wet weather. That actually came quite quickly and we walked to Gastown. This lovely little neighborhood is home to many artist and designer shops. Here you no longer have the feeling of being in the middle of a big city. Very famous for this part of the city is the Dampfuhr (steam clock). This gas-powered clock plays the Westminster chime (Westminster Quarters) every quarter of an hour.

Vancouver Steam Clock
Vancouver Steam Clock
Steam train

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park

Then we walked towards Chinatown. Here we were in the beautiful Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park, with great Asian plants and the typical pavilions. Just lovely!

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  • Canada Place
  • Stanley Park
  • Gastown
  • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park


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