New York City: Manhattan Midtown

Blick vom Rockefeller Center zum Central Park

Luckily the breakfast lounge wasn't that crowded today. So the food wasn't better, but much more pleasant!

High Line

The High Line was the first thing on our daily program today. This is an old train line over the rooftops of Manhattan that has been converted into a garden. A really super cool thing! Even the rails are still there. It's a park above the car noise if you will, just awesome.

Flatiron Building

Then we went to the Flatiron Building, which was the first skyscraper in New York. The place in front of it is so busy that we had trouble and distress to be able to take a great photo.

Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building

Then we went to the Manhattan Mall. Right before that there was a parade that day, something Korean. We had no idea what it was about, so we went to the mall and did some shopping.

Koreanischer Umzug
Korean move

Empire State Building

Then we went to the Empire State Building. Here we just looked briefly into the incredibly great and pompous entrance hall. We didn't want to drive up here, we saved that for the Rockefeller Center.

National Library

We continued to the National Library. This is a must-have when visiting New York. The ceiling paintings are really worth walking up all the steps. Highly Recommended!

Grand Central Station

We then passed Grand Central Station. As they said in the film Madagascar: “Very big and very central!” That's what I call a main station! Really very beautiful and so ancient.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Rockefeller Center – Top of the Rocks

Past the Chrysler Building, we are at the Rockefeller Center. Of course we went straight to the Lego store, where we were surrounded by hundreds of children. We bought New York mementos: a fridge magnet with a fully articulated Lego man on top and a Lego New York keychain.

Lego-Store im Rockefeller Center
Lego-Store im Rockefeller Center

Then it should go to the Top of the Rocks. But unfortunately it didn't happen that quickly. We had to wait another hour after buying the ticket. But it's worth it! The ride in the elevator alone is absolutely awesome!!! From the top you have a great view over Manhattan, towards Central Park on the one hand and towards downtown Manhattan on the other (towards the Empire State Building). Unfortunately it was a bit hazy that day and you couldn't see that far! But we still chose exactly the right day for how it should turn out.

Time Square

Afterwards we walked to Times Square. Oh man, what a colorful crowded place! You have to be careful not to have a seizure with the flashing lights and advertisements. ;) There were also film mascots everywhere with whom you could take photos. From Elmo to Batman, everything was there! There were also half-naked women with the words “I love NY” written on their bodies, so of course the men were lining up to take a picture. But you have to see this place. I don't want to imagine what's going on here on New Year's Eve.

Times Square
Times Square

We went back towards the World Trade Center to take the Path over to Newark. Another day with tens of kilometers on foot. :)

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