Main Street of America – Route 66

Souvenir Shop

In the small town of Kingman we left Interstate 40 to follow Route 66. A gigantic long freight train accompanied us parallel to the road for the first few miles. Five diesel locomotives pulled around 50 wagons, each of which was loaded with six shipping containers. The train took a little over two minutes to pass our photo location. In America everything is just a little bigger and longer.

Route 66: Seligman

The well-preserved stretch of historic Route 66 travels approximately 90 miles through the Havasupai Indian Reservation before rejoining Interstate 40 in Seligman. Seligman offered us a mixture of kitsch, history and lots of photo opportunities.

Route 66: Roadkill Café

But since we hadn't had lunch yet, we stopped at the Roadkill Café first. The blinking signs promised the best burger along Route 66 - but that's what many people claim. For example, just across the street was Lilos Café, where according to the billboard, 4 out of 5 visitors found the best burger here. What particularly struck us about the atmosphere in the Roadkill Café were the signed $1 bills on the walls and ceiling. The burger was mediocre though.

We continued along the main road where we passed many collapsed cabins, motels or rusting cars. A highlight was a souvenir shop on the right side, in front of which an old Chevrolet was parked and dolls in bizarre clothes stood on the canopy of the shop window.

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We left Seligman and followed Internate 40 east to Wiliams, our actual destination for the day.

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