Lufthansa Business Class on Airbus A320 200 to Munich

Lufthansa puts on short and medium haul a solid, though not earth-shattering, product. In January, we were able to test the Lufthansa Business Class extensively in the Airbus A320 en route from Oslo to Munich. In Review Find out how we experienced the Business Class with Lufthansa in the new Europa cabin.

A zoom yanked us out of the well-deserved sleep. Short orientation! Right, we were still in Hotel Oslo Airport, As a parent of a now-year boy's awakening is indeed not an unknown situation more before five o'clock to get up but you need anyway always new persuasion. The anticipation of the upcoming flight Lufthansa* Business Class in the Airbus A320 to Munich eventually helped. After a quick breakfast we set out sleepily on the short walk to the adjacent terminal building. Check-in was quick and uncomplicated. It is a pity that the SAS agent printed all flights on a ticket. Good for the environment – bad for the collection! Thanks to Fast Track security control was quickly behind us and then we sat for a second breakfast in the SAS Gold Lounge.

Flughafen Oslo (Gardermoen)

Flughafen Oslo (Gardermoen)

Lufthansa Business Class im Airbus A320 – Boarding LH2457

Da am Flughafen Oslo große Umbaumaßnahmen stattfanden, verließen wir etwas eher die SAS Gold Lounge und machten uns auf den Weg zu Gate E10. Obwohl die Airbus A320-200 (Registrierung D-AIZE, Taufname “Eisenach”) die Nacht in Oslo verbracht hatte, verzögerte sich das Boarding um 10 Minuten. Das Priority Boarding wurde eingehalten und so waren wir mit die ersten Gäste in der Business Class. Das Einsteigen der restlichen Passagiere ging wirklich zügig vonstatten, sodass wir schon fünf Minuten vor der eigentlichen Abflugzeit vom Gate zurücksetzen konnten. Da die Maschine übernacht am Flughafen Oslo geparkt war, mussten wir vor dem Start noch enteist werden. Der ganze Vorgang ging sehr schnell und der Pilot hob pünktlich von der Startbahn 1L in Richtung München ab.

Lufthansa Airbus A320-200 (D-AIZE - "Eisenach") am Flughafen Oslo

Lufthansa Airbus A320-200 (D-AIZE – “Eisenach”) At Oslo Airport

De-ice before the start

De-ice before the start

Lufthansa Business Class im Airbus A320 – cabin

The cabin of the Airbus A320-200 of Lufthansa* hat standardmäßig sechs Sitze pro Reihe. In der innereuropäischen Business Class können pro Seite zwei Passagiere platz nehmen. Neben meiner Frau und mir saßen nur zwei weitere Gäste in der Business Class auf dem Weg nach München. Der Sitz selbst unterscheidet sich, bis auf den unbesetzten Mittelsitz, in keiner Weise zu einem Platz in der Economy Class. Durch die dünne Rückenlehne und das nach oben verlegte Zeitschriftenfach, bietet er eine gute Beinfreiheit. Die quasi nicht existente Polsterung empfinde ich auf längeren Flügen unbequem und trübt das Erlebnis “Business Class”.

Lufthansa Business Class im Airbus A320 – Service

The service on short-haul flights in the Lufthansa Business Class in the Airbus A320 began as a rule with the distribution of newspapers and magazines. has now Lufthansa* Unfortunately, this service is set and offers only eJournals for download. An indication distributed the flight attendant about to start. You probably had to have the need to apologize for this management decision, and put a small plaque at Ritter Sport. A passenger in economy class the eJournals portal with more than 250 magazines and newspapers is definitely a gain, but in business class, I expect even printed copies.

Recalling the Lufthansa eJournals

Recalling the Lufthansa eJournals

After starting a hot towel was distributed by the crew. Then, at sunrise on the horizon, the breakfast was served. This consisted of a selection of cheese, a tasty slice beef ham, a small jar of strawberry jam and a junket. From a gereichten bread basket, with a well-stocked selection of various treats, I sought out a croissant. Breakfast, whether in business or economy class, for me is always a difficult meal. Really bad is the quality of egg dishes. So I am using the version that was offered on this flight, very satisfied. Even though it was anything but.

The service was quick and friendly. Drinks were offered repeatedly and filled empty glasses. While my wife and I were always addressed by name. In summary, a service by the book!

Lufthansa Business Class im Airbus A320 – Arrival in Munich

For landing in Munich, we were already out of the cockpit the message about the bad weather. As announced, the airport was trapped under a low-hanging cloud cover and it ruled -13 ° C ambient temperatures. Since it was much warmer in Oslo -3 ° C. However, was in Germany but more snow than in Norway.

Traffic above the clouds

Traffic above the clouds

The Airbus A320-200 docked at the new satellite terminal. As our connecting flight to Toronto departed from here, we moved into the non-Schengen area and spent the waiting time in the Lufthansa* Senator Lounge. A review to the lounge, but the nearly identical in the Schengen area, you will find here.

Input Lufthansa lounges - Munich Satellite Terminal

Input Lufthansa lounges – Munich Satellite Terminal

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Lufthansa Business Class on short- and medium-haul is not earth-shattering, no doubt, but we will find the product not bad. If you know what you get, you can be quite satisfied with the Lufthansa Business Class in the Airbus A320 on shorter flights. The service was very friendly with our flight and swiftly. The food offered was nothing special, but tasty. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that the requested price of a ticket in the Lufthansa Business Class on short- and medium-haul is not necessarily justified.


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