British Airways long haul Business Class Airbus A321

In our online check-in for the return flight with British Airways to Oslo, I was just confused by the seat assembly. Two seats, a single seat and then two seats. That looks after a business class á la Swiss ?! A “right one” Business Class on European flights? We can easily surprise us…

BA Galleries First Lounge in the early morning

BA Galleries First Lounge in the early morning

Between our arrival and the flight to Oslo was still time of BA Galleries First Lounge pay a visit. When the call for boarding takes place, we make our way into the “Keller”, So we will enter our plane by bus.


We enter the Airbus on the gangway and in fact, the presentation at check-in was correct. I refer to the so-called. “throne” place. What a feeling :-) and especially what a surprise and successful conclusion for the New York trip. Virtually a soft landing before it goes afterwards with SAS in Economy back home.

The service

We start the morning rush hour in the direction of Oslo. Just under two hours now lie before us time to look at a film. When we reached cruising altitude, I go to the seat first time in a more comfortable position. The flight attendants distribute hot refreshing towels. Immediately following the service, which does not differ from the food and beverage offer by way follows. I take this time the continental breakfast without the bubbly.

British Airways Club Europe Breakfast

British Airways Club Europe Breakfast

Subsequent to any breakfast I have to take the time and check the seat on his sofa property. :-) In Fußschacht and the shoulder area is a bit cramped. But all complain at a high level.

The seat

Eight rows in a 1-2 or 2-1 seating can be found in this particular type of Club Europe. Actually, these Airbuses are primarily used on very long European routes to Istanbul but also to Tel Aviv, Amman and Cairo. The seats come from Thompson Aero and can be converted into a flat bed. Depending on what position one takes, this seat offers a lot of space.

The seat cover is color matched in dark brown material and to the controls. Three options for seat adjustment, take off / country, lounge and bed are inevitable. The footrest can be adjusted individually. Additionally, there is a very good massage function. The inflight entertainment runs over a 15.4″ large touch screen. Outlet and USB port are also available.

As soon as we started in London, we also begin again with the landing on the airport Oslo Gardermoen. The weather is miserable, but that does not bother us. We remain in the terminal to pick up our bags and check the on again for our flight with SAS to Munich.

British Airways Airbus A321 G-medf

British Airways Airbus A321 G-medf

Our assessment of the British Airways Business Class Airbus A321

  • Seat
  • Service
  • Cleanliness
  • Food / drinks
  • inflight entertainment
  • Price/Performance


Die internationale Business Class im Airbus A321 von British Airways kann sich wirklich sehen lassen. Sie bietet den Reisenden auf langen Europaflügen wirklich ein ungeahntes, hohes Maß an Komfort – especially in comparison to Lufthansa, which can sit 4-5 hours time your frequent contributor to business on the NEK you!


Hi, I'm Robert and infected by the virus flyer since my first flight in 1993, in a Tupolev Tu-154. Chances of recovery is zero. Since I am now even more intense am grappling with discount programs and topbonus Platinum and Star Alliance Gold am, all things have become much worse. :-) counts Fortunately for me, I have a very understanding family who love to share my passion with me and benefited from it. In the summer of 2015 we moved from Berlin to the near Munich and now have a great and above all functioning airport right outside the front door. So there are still many exciting trips and pictures give, nice that her since!

3 Responses

  1. Max says:

    I find the business class of Lufthansa best, but also quite expensive. Possibly I should Brisith Airways also look at me once ;-)

    • Robert says:

      Hi Max, on European routes I think there is hardly any difference between British and Lufthansa. However, the configuration of the Airbus A321 BA is really special and a unique selling point. In October I fly with Lufthansa from Toronto to Munich and then I also comparing :-)

  2. Detlef Chandler Schluz says:

    Dear community,
    I personally fly only LH (am, of course, HON), no matter what the price. should there I find the quality also come at a price, I am convinced that the ticket prices are now set much too low. The first class of LH is of course a real treat, both, culinary and stewardesses default. In my trans-Atlantic flight to JFK some real eye candy were already there.
    For further inquiries and; or tips & Tricks for quickly reaching the HON circle members, I am happy to disposal.

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