Lufthansa Premium Economy in the Airbus A330-300 to Dubai

Lufthansa Premium Economy mit Blick in die Economy Class

Wir haben lange Zeit nach einem Ziel für unseren Jahresurlaub gesucht. Bali und Washington D.C. standen auf der Liste. Aufgrund der besseren Verfügbarkeit von Miles & More Prämienflügen haben wir uns schließlich für die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate entschieden. Wie unser Flug in der Lufthansa Premium Economy im Airbus A330 nach Dubai war, erfahrt ihr in unserem Review.

After our feeder flight from Leipzig, in a Bombardier CRJ-1000 (operated by Air Nostrum), a longer walk from Terminal 1A to 1B, we went to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge B (Lounge Review). Our one-hour stay passed quickly with a hot lunch and a Moscow Mule. Fifteen minutes before boarding, we packed our things and headed to our departure gate B33.

Moscow Mule mit Aussicht auf das Vorfeld in Frankfurt
Moscow Mule with a view of the apron in Frankfurt

Boarding LH630

Arrived at gate B33, a bus gate, there was a certain chaos. The waiting area was far too small for the number of passengers. We fought our way with our son to the boarding pass control and were allowed to pass it immediately. After folding our buggy, we went down to the bus. After another 5 minutes of waiting, it finally drove off. The Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 (registration D-AIKO) was on the apron position V166.

Bus zur Vorfeldposition von LH630
Bus to apron location of LH630
Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 (Registrierung D-AIKO)
Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 (Registration D-AIKO)

Lufthansa Premium Economy in the Airbus A330-300 cabin

Since we were almost the first on board, I was able to extensively inspect and photograph the Lufthansa Premium Economy in the Airbus A330.

Lufthansa Premium Economy Kabine
Lufthansa Premium Economy Kabine

The cabin in Lufthansa Premium Economy began with row 15 and was thus behind the small Business Class compartment. In Premium Economy, four rows of seats were installed in a 2-3-2 configuration. Each row thus had one seat less than in Economy Class. There were 28 seats in Premium Economy, which were only separated from Economy Class by an inconspicuous sign.

Sitzplan Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 (Quelle: seatguru)
Seat map Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 (Source: seatguru)
Lufthansa Premium Economy mit Blick in die Economy Class
Lufthansa Premium Economy mit Blick in die Economy Class

Lufthansa Premium Economy in the Airbus A330-300 – seat

We sat down in the middle on seats 16D to E. The gray fabric seat already had a blanket, a pillow, simple headphones and a small amenity kit. I found the seat very comfortable. It was very well padded and much wider than an economy class seat. At around 97 centimetres, the distance between the seats was so large that I could cross my legs without any problems. The headrest was adjustable and the wide center armrests provided enough comfort and space for every passenger. The backrest could be tilted very far backwards (angle of inclination approx. 130°). When adjusting the backrest, the seat also moved forward, which slightly increased comfort.

Sitz in der Lufthansa Premium Economy
Seat in Lufthansa Premium Economy

Each seat had its own power and USB port. The 110V socket was located in the lower part of the armrest and the USB port was built into the monitor. In the center armrest was also the table, which, unlike usual, was made to fold, but made from one piece and was very stable. You can work or eat on it really well.

Tisch zum Arbeiten
table to work

Lufthansa Premium Economy in der Airbus A330-300 – Service

At each seat in the Lufthansa Premium Economy, there was a bottle of still water and a small amenity kit when boarding. This included a toothbrush, sleep mask, earplugs, a refreshing towel and a pair of plain gray socks.

Flasche Wasser
bottle of water
Amenity Kit
Amenity Kit
Inhalt der Amenity Kits in der Lufthansa Premium Economy
Contents of the amenity kits in Lufthansa Premium Economy

Upon completion of boarding there was a welcome drink. Orange juice with mint was served in a plain plastic cup. An alternative was not offered, but the juice was really tasty.

welcome drink

After the start there was a round of drinks, this time including alcohol, before lunch was served. In Lufthansa Premium Economy we had the same choice as in Economy Class. As a starter we got a seasonal salad with sun-dried tomato strips and an Italian dressing. For the main course we had the choice between strips of beef in a sweet and sour sauce on orzo risoni with diced vegetables or yellow penne in wild garlic sauce. I chose the beef strips and was very happy with my choice. For dessert there was a crème brûlée with almond brittle, at least according to the menu. This was delicious but more like a custard texture! For dinner I chose a German Riesling, this time in a glass, and a water.

Essen in der Premium Economy
Dining in premium economy

A second service was performed about 80 minutes before landing. There was a choice between a slice of brown bread with cheese, as served on the short-haul route, or a wrap with pastrami. I took the wrap which was fine.

Wrap mit Pastrami
Wrap mit Pastrami

Our son got a (pre-ordered) children's meal for both meals. At this point we would like to give a big compliment to the flight attendants, who brought him the food individually between the two service rounds.

kids meal

In summary, the in-flight service was very attentive. We definitely didn't lack for drinks. However, I found it a pity that the cabin light was dimmed for almost the entire travel time and it was therefore very dark in the cabin for a day flight.

Lufthansa Premium Economy in der Airbus A330-300 – Entertainment

The personal entertainment monitor in the front seat backrest was approximately 12 inches. It can be operated either via the remote control or the touch screen. In Premium Economy, Lufthansa has the same selection of films, series, music and games as in all other classes. I personally found the offer absolutely sufficient.

Filmauswahl in der Lufthansa Premium Economy
Film selection in the Lufthansa Premium Economy
remote control

More information about Lufthansa

Online booking:Lufthansa* or Skyscanner*

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Rating of the Lufthansa Premium Economy in the Airbus A330-300
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  • Price-performance


Anyone who has only flown Economy Class on long-haul flights will be delighted with Premium Economy. The seats are very well padded and very comfortable due to the high angle of inclination. If you want to sleep well on a night flight, you should prefer the more expensive business class. In my opinion, there is still room for improvement when it comes to food. A difference here, apart from the porcelain dishes, would be a great upgrade to Economy Class!


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    The fact that premium economy is not completely separated from economy seems to me to be typically German. So that privileged status can be directly asserted in front of the less privileged. Since the envy factor is directly inevitable. But Lufthansa has now phased out the A 330 anyway, it was probably not a successful model, who is surprised?

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