Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

I've read a lot of good things about the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt on a wide variety of blogs. Some frequent flyers even consider it one of the best Star Alliance Gold Lounges at Frankfurt Airport. Before our flight to Dubai we had time to visit the lounge.

Where is the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt located?

The Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt is located in Terminal 1 (Area B, non-Schengen area). After passport control, we followed the good signs and drove up the escalator to the left to the third level. The entrance to the lounge, which was clad in light-colored wood, was then on the right-hand side.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

Who has access to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt?

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt is open to all Air Canada Business Class passengers. In addition, all business and first class passengers on a Star Alliance airline have access. Guests with Star Alliance Gold status are also granted access to the lounge, regardless of service class, in connection with a Star Alliance flight on the same day. As a special exception, premium customers of the South American airline LATAM can also use the lounge, even though it belongs to the Oneworld alliance.

How is the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt equipped?

Just inside the glass door was a Boeing 787 model airplane in Air Canada livery. After our tickets and frequent flyer cards were scanned at the reception desk, we were kindly invited into the lounge. The beautiful glass and light installation in the middle of the central seating area immediately caught our eye. The artwork reminded us strongly of our visit to the Museum von Dale Chihuly in Seattle. A bench with several lounge chairs was set up around the glass campfire. In between stood decorative tree trunks as small tables.

There were also several different seating options within the lounge. In addition to armchairs on the floor-to-ceiling window front with a view of the apron, there was also a somewhat darker zone with armchairs in the rear area. Here was also the rest area, in which there were also small separate "cabanas". These were equipped with loungers and a small TV with headphones. In the front area of ​​the lounge, next to the buffet, there were also other tables with chairs for eating. In terms of cleanliness, the staff was efficient and quickly put things in order.

In addition, there was a business center with computers, multifunction printers and work areas in the Air Canada Lounge in Frankfurt. Actually a matter of course, but still worth mentioning, there was free WiFi in the entire lounge. To freshen up before or after a long-haul flight, showers were also available in the large washrooms in the entrance area.

What is there to eat and drink in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt?

The range of drinks in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Frankfurt Airport was extensive and should actually satisfy every guest. Two white wines, one red wine, one French sparkling wine and various spirits were available as alcoholic beverages. In addition to various juices and bottled water, there were the usual soft drinks from the tap. Of course, there were also two fully automatic coffee machines, which prepared the most common coffee specialties.

Beverage offer

When we entered the lounge, the buffet was being changed from breakfast to lunch. Fresh salads, various pestos, sandwiches, lemonades, fruit and desserts were offered in a large dining bell. A smaller buffet featured pasta, beans, BBQ chicken, and gratin potatoes, along with bread, cakes, and donuts.

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Review of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt
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Our experience at the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt was very impressive, especially for a business lounge. We particularly liked the campfire ambience. The selection of food and drinks is a step below what is offered in the Lufthansa Senator Lounges. The Air Canada lounge is smaller than the Lufthansa lounges, but typically much quieter outside of Air Canada flight times.


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  1. Revoluzer56

    The Air Canada Lounge looks good but is simply a disaster! Unfriendly reception and bad food. If you want something warm from the buffet (pasta) then simply say it's not available. After the red wine bottles were empty, we asked for more. There was wine, but no corkscrew. The inquiry at the desk brought nothing, as the lady replied, yes, if that's the case, then that's the way it is!!!

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