SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen

SAS Gold Lounge Kopenhagen

Before our departure with SAS to San Francisco we spent the waiting time in the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen. The lounge was only renovated in autumn 2018 and so we were very excited about our visit. You can find out in the lounge review whether the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen still shines with its timeless Scandinavian design.

Where is the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen located?

SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen is located near Gate C10 in Terminal 3. Similar to Stockholm Airport (Review) the SAS Business Lounge and the SAS Gold Lounge are located next to each other or on top of each other.

SAS Gold Lounge Kopenhagen
SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen

Who has access to the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen?

Only Star Alliance Gold status holders have access to the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen, be it from SAS Eurobonus or other Star Alliance airlines. You must also be able to show a ticket for a flight with SAS or a Star Alliance partner on the same day. The same regulation applies to the guest, who can be invited to the lounge free of charge.

Info-Tafel im Eingangsbereich
Information board in the entrance area

How is the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen equipped?

After access control on the ground floor, there are two large rooms to the right of the entrance. Since the loud hustle and bustle usually takes place on the upper floor at the large buffet, these rooms are usually a pleasant retreat.

The main area of ​​the lounge is located on the upper floor around the buffet and the newly created barista bar. The various seating areas were also where most of the guests stayed during our stay. Due to the high ceilings and the room dividers made of fabric, the ambient noise was still acceptable. However, if you like it a little quieter, you should go to the separate front and rear areas of the lounge. At the large window front in the back part of the lounge it was a bit quieter, pleasantly empty and we could sit on the set up relax lying making it comfortable.

There are several workstations in both the separate rear and front parts of the lounge. The tables have enough sockets and the WiFi was acceptably fast during our stay. In addition to the workstations, there are also desks with PCs.


Two relaxation rooms are also available in the SAS Lounge. However, showers are only available in the SAS Business Lounge on the floor below, which Star Alliance Gold customers can of course use by prior arrangement.

Dusche in der SAS Business Lounge Kopenhagen
Shower in the SAS Business Lounge Copenhagen

What is there to eat and drink at SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen?

Personally, I found the range of dishes in the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen to be more extensive than in Stockholm (Review). Breakfast was still being served when we got to the lounge around 9am. There was a choice between cold plates, different types of bread and pastries, yoghurt and fruit. Just before we had to exit the lounge for our flight to San Francisco, the buffet was remodeled for lunch. I was a bit disappointed that there was no other hot dish besides various salad ingredients and a soup.


The biggest change since the renovation is a small coffee bar with a barista. Here you can have various coffee specialties prepared. Of course, there are also fully automatic coffee machines in several places.

Kaffeebar mit Barista
Coffee bar with barista

The selection of drinks was sufficient next to the coffee offer. Soft drinks, water, Carlsberg beer, wine and sparkling wine were offered. Only high-proof spirits were hardly available.

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Review of the SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


Overall we enjoyed the time at SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen. The lounge is nothing special, but it was spacious, the Scandinavian design made it look timeless and elegant and offered enough space for eating, working and relaxing. The food offering was minimal but again very tasty.


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