TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess

After a busy summer on work we wanted to unwind in September again and fly into the sun. but this time not so far. So we decided for Greece, specifically for Thessaloniki. We chose the 5-star All Inclusive TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess. For us, the first time a holiday long only beach, pool, food and drink. As the we liked and whether we would do it again, learn it here in the apartments.

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess

TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – Ausstattung und Anlage

Das 2016 eröffnete TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess liegt ca. 1 Stunde von Thessaloniki entfernt in der Nähe von Gerakini. In a very quiet location, directly on the Mediterranean sea, since the ring was built around, no other large Hotels. The Check-in went very quickly and was very friendly with a welcome drink.

Access the main building and lobby bar "Sithonia Main Bar"

Access the main building and lobby bar "Sithonia Main Bar"

The hotel complex is spacious, but not too big, well maintained and clean, nicely planted and green. The rooms and suites are located in the main house and in the Area of distributed small houses. Just as the many different swimming Pools are spread. The main building houses the reception and Lobby, Breakfast and Dinner buffet restaurantthe Kidsclub (a little from the Hotel, and a large TUI), the baby club, a MiniMarket, Bars, the Spa-area with Indoor-Pool and an Entertainment room with a stage.

hotel complex

hotel complex

Two more Restaurants are in the Area distributed: the “Green & Grill Restaurant and the Mylos Greek Tavern”. In addition, a further three Bars: the pool bar “Thalassa Pool Bar” beach bar “Mylos Pool & Beach Bar” and the “Poseidon Pool Bar”. Directly on the main house, next to the Restaurant is the Playground of the hotel. For a family hotel we can find him something small, but during our stay it was enough for all the children. But it could be in the high season a little cramped.

Children's Playground

Children's Playground

You can see the Hotel, how new it still is, everything lit up in a beautiful typical Greek White and the rooms are hardly worn or worn out. On the hotel grounds, room for Expansion and for the construction of new guesthouses is definitely still. On the whole Premises of the hotel are employees with small Elektrogolfcars on-the-go. A clean and quiet variant in the extensive grounds. So you will To- arrivals and departures with the Luggage, chauffeured.

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – room

The types of rooms in the TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess are very diverse and we had the impression, partly by chance on the hotel grounds. Thus, a good is produced by a mixture and you do not get the impression that there are special guests in a special area. All types of rooms are either with garden view or sea view bookings, some even with private Jacuzzi, direct access to the community swimming pool or even private swimming pool. The types of rooms are as follows:

  • Family rooms with two separate bedrooms (with double bunk bed for children)
  • Standard double rooms
  • Junior suites with living room and bedroom
  • Suites with a large living room and sleeping room and two bathrooms
  • Duplex apartments over 2 floors

We got upon our arrival an Upgrade to a Junior Suite with a sea view. The Junior suites and all rooms are bright and decorated in a modern style, with lots of White, you seem to still not cooling, but typically Greek. As contrast tones of Blue and Turquoise for the upholstery chosen. Also the furniture work with your light wood is not cooling, but the summer fresh.

Junior Suite Sofa

Junior Suite Sofa

our Junior Suite was a really good size, with a lounge with Sofa bed (for bed for our son rebuilt), an armchair and a small table and Desk and a bedroom with a king-size bed. In both rooms flat screen TV's were. The bathroom was spacious with two sinks, a toilet and a A Rainshower. What really surprised us were the fresh flowers in the room and a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge. Rarely you get such a Service at a family hotel. Very attentive and easy to belonging to the fresh fruit platter, which our son took the same in hardware.

Fruit plate and Processco

Fruit plate and Processco

TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – Pool

Das TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess besitzt 6 pool equipment, which are distributed over the terrain and various forms and equipment to have. It is located in the basement of the main building of the Indoor Pool and the Wellness area. Due to the somewhat changeable weather at the end of September, we also visited a day in the Indoor Pool. Children are not allowed according to the Hotel, what we find strange for a family hotel, but apparently that is not taken so seriously, because no one bothered the children, who were in the pool area. The Indoor Pool is not very big but sufficient and we found the water quite fresh.

The outdoor pools are very diverse, it nozzles, for example, Pools with small waterfalls, or massage. We spent most of our time with our son at the children's pool. This is very slip nicely laid out with three small water and a play boat, which is water-injected. The water different water depths, has a pool, so that all children can play and swim. In the eye, you should have the child anyway, because even the lowest water was deep enough that our son slipped and not alone could stand up. The water in all the outdoor pools, we felt cold, we had to think of a Kneipp Spa. Apparently, one used to cool the Pools exactly the same as it is always high summer. Our son was not bothered by this at all. Even with blue lips war er immer noch der Meinung, ihm sei nicht kalt.

children pool

children pool

The sun Beds and umbrellas at the Pools are plentiful and clean and tidy. Even in the main season, you should always find a free. Are reserve early at 6:00 am as on the ball man is here not necessary, and we have not experienced also. Should not allow a Hotel.

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – beach

In Greece it's rare to find fine sand beaches. So, here it is not. The Sand-and-gravel beach was however, still quite pleasant for sand castles and go swimming. The Sunbeds and umbrellas were sufficiently available, whether you are rich even in the high season, we doubt, however. The cushions were clean and well maintained, though sometimes sandy, but it is, Yes, on the beach, there's a lot of rum is this. Towels for Pool and beach there was a towel card at a booth. Unfortunately for the Pool and the beach the same, and only once a day. The sea was still really nice and warm, as heated by the very hot summer. The came to meet us, as the air on some days was quite cool.

beach area

beach area

TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – Sport und Wellness

In the main building, the fitness center, which we are not tested but is. Many of the offered sports are included, such as Yoga. These take place at certain times and who comes with power. Water sports, like Banana boat or jet ski, is available on the beach only against fee and a hotel in foreign companies. The Indoor Pool, the Finnish Sauna and the steam bath are free of charge. The massages and beauty treatments in the Spa area, however, are only available for a surcharge. Visually, the Spa area was very appealing, the quality of the applications, we can say nothing, since we have not enjoyed.

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – eating

In the TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess, there are three Restaurants: “The Aegean Restaurant” (main restaurant), using the “Green & Grill Restaurant and the Mylos Greek Tavern”, as well as the Food Stalls for a Snack.

The Aegean Restaurant

In “The Aegean Restaurant” in the main house you will find the Breakfast and evening buffet. The dishes are made on the basis of the amount of hotel guests on mass, but very tasty and varied. So as you would expect from a 5-star Hotel, there were different theme evenings. Us has never been absent, neither for dinner nor for Breakfast. The fruit was always fresh and there were even oranges for yourself pressing. Unfortunately, I had a Morning a Made with the juice, but it is a natural product is. The different juices from the machine was watery and the syrup, but OK. In the evening, drinks were served directly at the table. For the younger guests there is morning and evening extra Buffet with all, what child's heart desires. From simple French fries over chips, fresh fruit and vegetables and sweet Treats for dessert. Also Pancakes and French Toast for Breakfast were the Hit for the Little ones.

The Seating areas are directly affiliated to the Buffet and then extend in three glassed-in side arms. The volume was part of a dining room, which is why we never directly in the vicinity of the buffet. In the side arms it is a lot quieter and we recommend the area at the very rear, which is the last Seating area on the third side arm. The glazing can be opened in the summer, so you work as a terraces. In the autumn weather, all the glass doors were closed, which reduced the beautiful impression of the environment.

Green & Grill Restaurant

The Green & Grill Restaurant is open for lunch buffet and for dinner. The selection for lunch is quite small but totally sufficient. All the food is fresh and quickly refilled, if something all. There are self-made Pizza from the stone oven, and all kinds of Greek specialities.

Green & Grill BBQ Restaurant

Green & Grill BBQ Restaurant

In the case of a stay of a week, a dinner advance is in this Restaurant. That was our Highlight! You can fry meat, fish and vegetables, namely, yourself on a Grill. Just the thing for men ... and women. In addition, there was still a Buffet of salad, cheese, and other things. The food is really very tasty and to be recommended. The Restaurant is open plan and therefore, without walls or Windows. In the off-season, you should take a thin jacket for the evening. From the Service we had a slightly slow impression and not quite as friendly as in other Restaurants. However, we can't complain really.

selber grillen Green & Grill BBQ Restaurant

selber grillen im Green & Grill BBQ Restaurant

Mylos Greek Tavern

Im Mylos Greek Tavern wird Abend- und Mittagessen serviert. Die food Options the lunch buffet is large and very tasty. Everything is fresh and again, despite the crowds very well. The tables will be quickly prepared for new guests, and the Service is friendly. As in the Green & Grill, you can here, in the case of a stay of a week, once with pre-registration dinner. This Restaurant offers à la carte dishes for the main course and the Dessert. For the Appetizer, a Variation of 4 different Greek dishes will be served together. Our selection of dishes was very tasty and freshly prepared. We were lucky, the were eating the night we were there, hardly anyone visited the Restaurant. So our son had plenty of space to Play and were not.

Food Stalls

For the Snack of the day there are the Food Stalls. If you are not on the Buffet tired, you can stock up here with crepes, hot dogs, waffles and Sandwiches. Not to forget the ice cream, the favorite snack of our son. In addition, there is also always fresh fruit. It is, therefore, to recommend something for everyone and absolutely as an Afternoon Snack.

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess, Service and ambience

The staff in the Hotel are consistently friendly and helpful, of course, the more, the other less, but there was nobody to be rude. In the Green & Grill Restaurant, the Service could be sometimes a bit faster and more prudent, but this is Complaining on a high level. We had at the Aegean Restaurant in the back of a very nice and helpful waitress who was always one step ahead, when our son spilled a time or something Accidentally knocked her down. That was really Top! At the Poseidon Pool Bar, which was right next to our house, the bartenders are all nimble and prudent. To be had any time of the day, we are a friendly Smile, and especially our son, the Service of Constantina has fallen. The little Charmer has just the right angel and always got an extra straw or a cocktail umbrella. A big thank you to Constantina.

were in the children's club of TUI itself we not because we didn't want to make the little man just like that. We have tried the hotel's game room, and an employee offered to for a while for our son to watch. Since we are not really the types for the Kidsclub are and our Sohnemann very very cautious with Strangers and react, I was super excited and also quite so. He was, however, so noise in the Game that we were able to steal it for 30 minutes and all the time, a Cocktail sipped. Then the longing on both sides was so great that we spent the time together again. The little man has made it really fun, it was tinkered and played. It was really nice! A good simple Service. The game room is by the way accessible to all, and even the parents can join in.

Das TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess an absolute family hotel. Couples we have only seen very few, and if you're here as a Couple here, must adjust to the children. We found the hotel complex due to its size and vastness is never as loud or crowded where we were but in the off-season to vacation there. Children are children and one is louder, the other quieter. The concept of the hotel is at All Inclusive Guests with high expectations from mainly Germany and the UK directed. We never had the impression of a ball man-mood, what you are more of an All Inclusive Hotel expected. Or our ideas were so far wrong.

TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess – Info

Address:Kalives Beach, The Epar.Od. Poligirou – Neas Potideas, 631 00, Greece
Web page:
Online booking:TUI*

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For the new Edition has author Klaus Bötig* a lot of new information and extraordinary tavern tips from the Greek Region of Chalkidikí and the metropolis, Thessaloníki brought. Bötig, for over 30 years, a year, several months in Greece, on the road, knows the peninsulas Kassándra, Sithonía and Áthos is Second to none: the best beaches, the sites the most interesting archaeological and, above all, the quaint, beautiful or chic taverns.

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The TUI FAMILY LIFE, Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess is an upscale All Inclusive Hotel with a good to very good Service. The rooms, Pools and the whole complex are very well maintained and beautiful. One should not forget in this great hotel facilities, but never that it is still all made in mass. But that need not be, as in the case of this Hotel, always negative. We have spent a really great holiday here and can recommend the Hotel absolutely. This Hotel clearly shows that it is All Inclusive and a touch of luxury are not mutually exclusive.


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