Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER comfort class, Dubai to Istanbul

Against 18 o'clock we were on our way back from Abu Dhabi, 140km to Dubai. We wanted to once again in the Dubai Mall, to admire the famous water games.

Overlooking the Corniche of Abu Dhabi

Overlooking the Corniche of Abu Dhabi

Since the Locals had today, weekend, prevailed in the Mall is an absolute traffic chaos. The car Park was full and it was only critical in the step's pace, and in the case of the aggressive driving style of the Locals, partly real. Here is the law of the jungle applies in the road really still. Luckily, we found after 60 minutes, then a Parking lot. Due to this time delay, we were able to see us, unfortunately, only a Show.

The rental car return at the airport in Dubai is organized in our opinion, pretty messy. There is no signage, and no further indications. We knew where the car had picked up, to Park, deck A2, and attempted to regulate the Whole. I think the solution is that the rental car stations are located in an outside area, much better. After exactly 1234 kilometres we gave up the little rental car. He had suffered as a result of us Yes quite. :)

Check-in at Dubai

Since we had not reckoned with a lot more traffic, which wasn't that bad, we arrived with three hours of lead time at the time of Check In. On the Internet I had already seen that our flight home was very well booked. The Lord at the Business Class counter tore up our actual Tickets and gave us a short phone call with the joyful message that we are now upgraded to the better Comfort Class. Yipeeee!!! For the first Time, since I have Star Alliance Gold Status, I get an Upgrade. The Comfort Class I already knew from previous flightsafter Turkish Airlines, in 2011, had a price error from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. So we enjoyed the better space and comfortable seats with reclining function.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge (Dubai)

We made our way into the departure area and looked for the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. The Lounge, which is using Turkish Airlines in Dubai, wanted to allow, according to the staff, and my invitation a Person. In the small Lufthansa Senator Lounge a Christian was as a guest no Problem. Since the Lufthansa, strike, pilots at the Moment, and thus many flights were, it was thankfully quite empty. It is only the Swiss flew to Zurich and Austrian Airlines to Vienna. As the passengers of these machines were gone, we sat alone in the Lounge. So I could use the time to make a few photos of the Lounge.

Eating Area - Lufthansa Senator Lounge Dubai

Essensbereich – Lufthansa Senator Lounge Dubai

Buffet - Lufthansa Senator Lounge Dubai

Buffet – Lufthansa Senator Lounge Dubai

The food offer was well arranged but sufficient. Especially delicious I found the Indian Curry dish. Drinks were also available in sufficient variety available. After a week without a delicious beer, had a cold beer already knows a fine thing.

Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul TK761

Our flight TK761 to Istanbul was extremely too late. Actually, we should depart at 02:35 PM, but at that time, the Boeing 777-300ER (TC-JJE) just landed in the first place. In the end, we started just before 04:00. From the flight we didn't get much. We found our seats to the back, the footrests high and wasted almost ran the whole flight. The Service on this night flight was not my experience on other flights in Comfort Class. We were disappointed that there was no Amenity Kit and the food was so extensive. If you want to read more about the Comfort Class, then our look at Trip Report with Turkish Airlines from Hong Kong to Istanbul to.

Shortly before landing we, the some of the passengers were quite restless realized. Apparently many of them had connecting flights, to reach what are now pretty scarce goods. The first passengers were already landing in the front Galley, to be equal to the First. Shortly after the landing, where we were still not rolled out, jumped on the rest of the passengers. The Stewardess had to do all hands full, to transport the crowd back to the rear of the seats. Due to the masses, it has abandoned it but finally. This is something I've experienced yet. Sucks for the Impatient, then, was that we got an outside Parking space. So getting Up early has brought no advantage, because we were all in the same Bus.

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Engines of the 777-300ERs (TK-JJE)

Engines of the 777-300ERs (TK-JJE)


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