Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER Economy Class, Budapest to Moscow

Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER - MSN 29618 - VP-BDI (Taufname: Alexander Pushkin)

With a delay of more than half an hour, we took a Boeing 767-300ER (name: Alexander Pushkin) to Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO, flight SU 132). At the age of 11.5 years (first flight April 27, 2000), the Aeroflot machine was already past its prime.

Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER - MSN 29618 - VP-BDI (Taufname: Alexander Pushkin)
Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER – MSN 29618 – VP-BDI (Taufname: Alexander Pushkin)

Die in Blautönen gehaltene Innenausstattung konnte man das Alter auch ansehen. Wir nahmen auf den blauen, leicht ausgesessenen Ledersitzen in Reihe 12 (Platz G & H) platz. Die Stewards, ja auch hier gibt es männliche Flugbegleiter, erinnerten einen stark an Türsteher.

Kabine der Boeing 767-300ER
Boeing 767-300ER cabin

We were positively surprised by the service – on a rather short route. First drinks were served and then a cold meal. There was a bun that looked like a sponge, turkey salad and a piece of cake. Except for the coffee, everything was really delicious. A well-known airline like Lufthansa can take an example from this.

drink round
Essen an Bord auf dem Flug nach Moskau
Meals on board the flight to Moscow

The flight route leads from Budapest via the Carpathians, Kiev and Minsk directly to Moscow. After 2 hours and 10 minutes, the pilot prepared to land at 16:29 (local time).

Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER am Gate von Moskau Sheremetyevo
Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER am Gate von Moskau Sheremetyevo

Arrived in Sheremetyevo we had to go through the passport control for transit passengers without a visa for Russia. The controls are very weak and nobody has wanted to see our visas for Vietnam. From our Arrivals Terminal E we had to walk to Terminal D. I find the paths in Sheremetyevo to be very long. The Russians also seem to be a very shopper as there are many duty free shops here.

Duty Free Paradies
Duty Free Paradies

Contrary to what I expected, the terminal was very modern in design and also clean. There is also free wifi at most gates.

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Wartehalle Moskau Scheremetjewo
Sheremetyevo bus shelter


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