Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles

Eingang zur Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles

My last trip before the outbreak of the corona pandemic took me to Los Angeles in December 2019. Before my return flight to Stockholm with SAS, I still had some time to spend in the Star Alliance Business Lounge in Los Angeles. I was really looking forward to it as this airport lounge is considered one of the best Star Alliance Gold lounges in the US.

Eingang zur Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles
Entrance to Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles

There are over 1000 Star Alliance lounges worldwide. In most cases, these lounges are operated by a member airline such as Lufthansa. For currently seven locations, however, it was decided that the Star Alliance itself would maintain the lounges. In addition to Los Angeles, there are Star Alliance lounges in Rome, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, among others. You can find more information about the Star Alliance Lounge on the official website.

Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles – Lage & Zugang

The Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles is located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). The way to the lounge is very well signposted: after the central security check, I took the stairs on the right to get to the sixth floor above the duty free shops (there is also an elevator).

Weg zur Star Alliance Lounge LAX
Way to Star Alliance Lounge LAX

All Star Alliance Business and First Class passengers departing from Los Angeles on the same day have access to the Star Alliance Business Lounge. Also, Star Alliance Gold owners, like me, have the option to visit the lounge before departure.

Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles – Sitzbereich & Ausstattung

In the lounge there are several seating groups with armchairs and sofas, which are spatially separated from each other by curtains. I particularly liked the two booths, which are arranged like a private library.

To the rear of the lounge is the dining area with a buffet and some tables and chairs and a really nice wine bottle display.

Essbereich mit Buffet und Weinflaschenpräsentation
Dining area with buffet and wine bottle display

indoor terrace

The terrace open to the terminal is also very nice. From there you can watch the hustle and bustle at the departure gates. I found it incredibly comfortable to sit here. This was partly due to the fact that it was sometimes too dark in the interior seating area. But with many passengers in the terminal, it can get a bit noisy here.

Terrasse im Inneren des Flughafens
Terrace inside the airport

outdoor terrace

The absolute highlight of the Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles is certainly the outdoor terrace with a view of the apron. However, it rained heavily during my stay, so the terrace was closed as a precaution.

Außenterrasse der Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles
Outdoor terrace of the Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles

The Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles also has showers, which is equivalent to an international lounge.

Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles – Angebot an Speisen & Getränke

The Star Alliance Lounge Los Angeles offered an above-average range of food and beverages for a business lounge. Compared to a United Club, I found the offer almost the same as a first class lounge.


Several hot and cold dishes were offered for self-service at a buffet. There was a choice of different salads, sandwiches, chips and four hot entrees. I also found the dessert variations and the cheese buffet particularly tasty.


Drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, were available from a buffet and from the fridges in the lounge. The selection of wine, beer, champagne and spirits was very extensive. There is also a bar where you can have various long drinks or cocktails prepared.

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Rating of the Star Alliance Business Lounge Los Angeles
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


In my opinion, the Star Alliance Lounge at Los Angeles Airport is one of the best business lounges I've visited in the United States. I really like the interior of the lounge. The terrace with a view of the apron is a particular highlight. The range of food and drinks is also quite extensive and of high quality.


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    1. Christian

      The lounge is really great! Yes, there is a roof terrace. Unfortunately, it rained heavily during my stay, so it was closed.

  1. Sandy

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Judging by the pictures it looks like a great lounge. I hope that the crisis will calm down soon and that we can all travel again.

    1. Christian

      Thank you for your comment Sandy! We also hope to be able to travel properly again soon. But it will probably take a while...

  2. Guilty

    Hallo Christian,
    Thank you for sharing these great impressions.
    I'm excited to see how the situation will develop.
    Maybe we're not that far removed from normal travel.
    Best regards from Hanover,

    1. Christian

      Hello Winnie! Thanks for your comment! I also hope that the situation will return to normal with a high vaccination rate and that there will be a reasonably reasonable offer in the lounges.
      Many greetings

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