Hugo Junkers lounge Dusseldorf

Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf

The Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf is the only lounge in Terminal B at Düsseldorf Airport. Since my flight to Athens with Aegean Airlines was also to depart from this terminal, this time I opted for the Hugo Junkers Lounge instead of the Lufthansa Lounge in area A. You can find out whether my decision was the right one in the Lounge Review.

Eingang der Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf
Entrance of the Hugo Junkers Lounge Dusseldorf

Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf – Lage & Zugang

The Hugo Junkers Lounge at Düsseldorf Airport is one of a total of five lounges. It is the only lounge in Gate B. The other lounges are located in area A (Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge) and C (Emirates and Open Sky Lounge). The Hugo Junkers Lounge is located directly behind the security check on level 2 of the terminal, which can be reached directly after the check via a staircase or an elevator. The lounge is open daily from 05:15 to 21:00.

The Hugo Junkers Lounge is open to anyone with a valid flight ticket for the same day. However, access is subject to a fee. The regular price is 27.50 euros for adults (this price is valid from 13 years, 0-2 year olds have free entry) and 11 euros for children from 3 to 12 years. You can also buy the tickets in advance on the official website acquire. As the owner of a American Express Platinum credit card* With the associated Priority Pass I was allowed to use the lounge for free.

Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf – Sitzbereich & Ausstattung

With an area of ​​800 square meters, the Hugo Junkers Lounge is a comfortable size. Depending on the time of day, the lounge can still get very crowded. As soon as you pass through the front door, you approach the large reception desk. Here you will be asked for access authorization or the entrance fee and for the current flight ticket.

entrance area

The lounge is modern and decorated in shades of brown and burgundy. After the reception there are two slightly separated areas on the left and right, which are suitable for working on a laptop, for example. There are also armchairs with low tables on the glass front, chairs with higher tables, and bar tables with stools or benches. Most chairs and accompanying tables do not have power or USB ports, so charging smartphones and laptops can be a bit difficult.

Sitzbereich mit Sesseln und Stehtischen
Seating area with armchairs and bar tables
Tisch zum Arbeiten mit Blick auf das Vorfeld
Table for working with a view of the apron
Sessel an der Fensterfront zum Vorfeld
Armchairs at the window front to the apron

Only at the end of my visit did I notice a staircase in the entrance area that led to the upper floor. Once at the top, I found a second area of ​​the lounge. After it was quite crowded during my stay on the lower floor, it was almost empty up here. There were different seating areas, which were separated from each other by fabric and partly wooden elements. There were also many more workstations with sockets and USB ports here than on the ground floor. There was also a small play area for children at the back of the lounge.

Obere Etage der Hugo Junkers Lounge
Obere Etage der Hugo Junkers Lounge
Sitzbereich zum Arbeiten und Essen
Seating area for working and eating
Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf
Hugo Junkers lounge Dusseldorf

Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf – Angebot an Speisen & Getränken

Located in the far left corner of the lounge is the lounge's food and beverage offerings. Breakfast was still served during my stay. The buffet consisted of various hot dishes, such as scrambled eggs or sausages, but also cold dishes. There were meats, pastries, yogurt, bread, fruit and cereal. There was a small selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of all kinds to drink. A coffee machine for hot drinks was also freely available. The service staff was friendly and tried very hard to keep things clean and tidy. The buffet was also regularly checked and refilled.

Buffet in der Hugo Junkers Lounge
Buffet in der Hugo Junkers Lounge
Auswahl an kalten Speisen zum Frühstück
Selection of cold dishes for breakfast
drink selection

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Rating of the Hugo Junkers Lounge Dusseldorf
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Service
  • Seating
  • Ambiance
  • Cleanliness


The Hugo Junkers Lounge at Düsseldorf Airport is definitely worth a visit. Even if it will probably rarely be empty due to the low access requirements, you will not be disturbed by other guests thanks to the large room layout with various retreat options. Above all, the large glass front offers a great view of the runways of Terminals B and C. The range of dishes, especially at breakfast, is definitely in need of improvement.


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