The Danna Langkawi

The Danna Langkawi

After landing on the dream island of Langkawi, our personal shuttle service from the hotel The Danna Langkawi awaited us at the airport. They took our luggage and escorted us to the car. During the ride we got drinks and a cool towel to freshen up. Even if our journey from Singapore wasn't that long, something refreshing is always good in the heat.

The Danna Langkawi
The Danna Langkawi

The Danna Langkawi – Check-in

We drove about 20 minutes from the airport through small towns, partly through the jungle and along the sea to the 5-star hotel The Danna Langkawi. Check-in was very friendly and relaxed in a seating area. We were asked for our passports and a credit card, like in other hotels, but with the difference that we didn't have to do anything else. No standing around at the reception. For the waiting time we were handed a signature drink (various juices, cinnamon and clove) again with a cool cloth. Very attentive. Nadja from the spa particularly sweetened the waiting time for us. She did a welcome massage which was wonderfully relaxing!

Da unser Zimmer noch nicht bezugsfertig war, begleitet uns die Concierge in das Straits & Co zum Mittagessen. Einen ausführlichen Bericht über das hoteleigene Café findet ihr here.

Straits & Co
Straits & Co

Moving into our Viceroy room

We got a Viceroy room with one king bed. This is on the top floor and offers a great view over the bay, the sea and the infinity pool from the private balcony. A dream!

The 65 m² room is decorated with wooden furniture in British colonial style and looks very elegant. In-room amenities include a minibar, coffee pod machine, 42 inch LCD TV with DVD player and free WiFi (reasonable speed).

The large bathroom has two sinks, a tub and a large rain shower with a wooden floor. We found it really great that you can open the bathroom to the room via sliding doors, which makes the whole room look even bigger. The bathroom is completely furnished with marble and the tables and furniture are also covered with marble slabs. Very noble.

The only small criticism that could be made of this beautiful room is that the air conditioning is a bit too noisy. Also, we didn't figure out how to turn off the ceiling fan individually. But maybe we didn't search enough for it. However, you should not reduce a room to its air conditioning, because the rest was just perfect!

The Danna Langkawi – Hotel Ausstattung

After checking into our room at The Danna Langkawi, we met up with Concierge Justine for a tour of the hotel.

entrance area

Different room types

The hotel opened in 2010 and has 125 elegantly furnished rooms. Both the outside and the rooms are designed in the typical British colonial style. The hotel has a beautifully landscaped courtyard. Around this are the various rooms and suites on five floors, as well as the bars and restaurants and all the amenities that a 5-star hotel needs.

The hotel has eight room types: the Merchant (mountain or courtyard view), Grand Merchant (mountain view), Marina (marina view), our Viceroy room (sea view), Grand Viceroy (sea view) and last but not least, three different types of suites. All rooms at The Danna Langkawi are decorated in the same style and have a balcony. Small differences exist only in the room size (of course, a suite is larger), the view, and whether there is a coffee pod machine.

We looked at two room types, on the one hand the Marina room. This approx. 65-75m² room is equipped with a king bed and has a slightly smaller bathroom with a bathtub, shower and a sink. By the way, all rooms at The Danna Langkawi have a bathtub.

Marina - Zimmer
Marina's room

Next we looked at the 110m² Countess Suite. This is often booked for honeymoons. The suite has a living room with a sitting area and a large sleeping area with views over the sea and the marina. The bathroom is huge and even has a jacuzzi.

Choice of restaurants

Für das leibliche Wohl stehen vier verschiedene Restaurants zur Auswahl: The Planter’s, Straits & Co, The Verandah und das Pool Café. The Verandah ist eine sehr schön gemütlich eingerichtete Bar mit Live-Musik am Abend. Direkt nebenan liegt der The Drawing Room mit Weinen und Zigarren aus der ganzen Welt. Im à la carte Restaurant The Planter’s findet u.a. das reichhaltige Champagner-Frühstück statt. Aber dazu findet ihr here einen extra Beitrag. Auch das hoteleigene Café Straits & Co möchten wir in einem eigenen Post describe.

The Verandah
The Verandah
The Planter's
The Planter's

Spa and leisure offers

We then looked at the library and the billiard room. The library is a great idea. Every guest can borrow books here and bring their own books and leave them there. There is also a games room with various board games, which is very popular when the weather is bad.

Billiard Zimmer
Billiard room

Then we visited the spa area on the top floor. Here we immediately made an appointment for our massage. There are seven single rooms and two rooms for couples that are beautifully designed and very pleasantly acclimatized. The atmosphere is great, you feel more relaxed just by walking in. The view from up here is beautiful. There are changing rooms with showers and a steam sauna. Here the pores should be opened and the muscles warmed up and relaxed before the massage. Next door is the fitness area, which to our surprise was very well attended.


In the lower area is the kids club. Here we found a really well furnished children's playroom. There is even a room with game consoles for older children. The children can be looked after almost around the clock here and you can even order a babysitter for the evening if you want to go out. When we stopped by, two children were there with their parents. That shouldn't be uncommon, said Justine, many parents play here with their children. Children are very welcome in this hotel. We had many couples with older and smaller children during our stay, which you really didn't notice.

children's playroom


The white sandy beach is very clean and there are enough loungers and umbrellas or small pavilions. In Langkawi, all beaches are public by law, but this one has only the hotel on it, so there aren't really any other guests. Towels are provided on every lounger or you can simply get some from the small "towel boat" right on the beach. Even the WiFi reaches here.

The water is hot as a bathtub and unfortunately also a bit cloudy, but this is supposed to be the case everywhere on Langkawi. The bathing area is separated by a large net, which is supposed to keep jellyfish out of the water. This does not make the bathing pleasure any worse.


There are also enough loungers in the shade by the pool, i.e. under parasols or under frangipani (plumeria) trees. The staff is also always immediately on the spot. As soon as a lounger becomes free, someone comes and sets it up again and puts out a fresh towel. So we always found a lounger ready to move into. In addition to the normal drinks and cocktails, the pool bar also offers free cold water in small plastic bottles. Happy hour starts at 5 p.m. every day.

Frangipani Blüte
Frangipani blossom

We think it's really great that service staff come around at lunchtime with little treats and appetizers. Super delicious while lying lazily in the sun! If you want, you can also have your sunglasses cleaned free of charge.

The infinity pool is huge for the number of guests. With a length of 51.2m, the hotel has the largest pool on the island of Langkawi. There is a swimming area, an area with very shallow water with some loungers, and a bubble bath with a whirlpool. We never felt it seemed crowded. There is also an extra pool for children.

The Danna Langkawi - Spa and 1 hour massage

We got a 1 hour full body massage in one of the couples rooms. The process was professional and very relaxing. It started with a preliminary talk in which all types of massage were briefly explained and you were allowed to choose one of the different oils. Medical questions such as allergies, high blood pressure or pregnancy are also clarified. After that we were led into a personal changing room. We took a short shower and then sat in the 40°C warm steam bath to open our pores. Then, during a short wait, we were handed the signature drink again.


The treatment began with a foot bath including a salt massage. Really good! We lay down on the massage tables next to each other and off we went. It was incredibly relaxing. You hardly notice how the hour flies! The masseuses do their job really well and you always have the feeling that you are in good hands.

The Danna Langkawi - Staff and Service

The staff is always, really always friendly and not just because they have to, but of their own accord. We clearly noticed that it is not a kind of fake nicety, but that the employees are simply in a good mood and always very courteous. Everyone, who felt countless employees, always greeted us with a lovely smile. No matter what, there is always someone on hand. That's service! It doesn't matter which room category you have booked, here every guest is a king or a queen.

The Danna Langkawi – Check-Out

With a farewell drink, we completed the formalities quite quickly. We also chatted with Nik, a management student from Dresden who is doing his internship at The Danna Langkawi. We thought it was great to meet a German-speaking employee and we realized that he also thought it was great to have German-speaking guests. We got a small farewell gift, a small box with 2 chocolates. Super cute idea. That's something people remember.

The Danna Langkawi bei Nacht
The Night of the Danna Langkawi

Our stay at The Danna Langkawi was at the invitation of the hotel. At this point, many thanks again for the cooperation and support on site! All descriptions, images and opinions are of course - as always - our own.

The Danna Langkawi – Info

Address:Telaga Harbor Park, Pantai Kok, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

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All in all, our time at The Danna Langkawi was unforgettable! Three elements are clearly in the foreground: luxury, relaxation and enjoyment. Little things, such as the welcome massage, the signature drink or the chocolates to say goodbye mean that the guests like to remember the time. The service is top notch and the rooms are very nicely decorated and clean. The restaurants are at gourmet level. The food is delicious and the prices are absolutely affordable. We would book a room at The Danna Langkawi again at any time, even if the luxury has its price. But if you really want to treat yourself to something during your trip to Asia, we can only warmly recommend this hotel.


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